In Like a Lamb. . .

Think I Can Make It

Things are looking good. . .

Thunder road 018 

Finished the body.

Thunder road 016 

Had (another) fitting.

Now. . . all that remains is the collar (I have some modifications in mind; wish me luck), a good blocking, and the zipper.  If the collar works out, and the sweater dries fast, and the zipper goes in right the first time . . . I'll be GOLD.  If not?  Meh.  Not a big deal.

The funny thing about my Olympic knitting?  I've had to stop watching the Olympics while I knit!  I get too distracted.  I slow down and make errors and lose interest.  So, I've now joined "Team Karenina" -- and I spend my knitting time with Anna, Oblonsky, Kitty, Levin and the gang!

Thunder road 029 

Oh, and Jenny, of course!

Have a great weekend -- and remember. . .

Not late


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I know! There are some events I can knit right through -- in fact, over the weekend, I was working in the kitchen with the TV on BEHIND me. That way, I could keep tabs on happenings, but didn't have to watch unless I really wanted to. There were many idle moments last night during the women's skate.



You're doing great!


I love the quote! I've found myself watching the Olympics more than knitting, too. Thankfully I'm not competing. The vest looks grand!


Great vest!


Lovely vest - I think it is golden finished or not!

Thank you for the very sound advice :)


Looks like the fit will be just right. Good luck with the collar mods.

Go with the flow...the way I mostly live my life.


What a beautiful knit! And we can call that kind of time management "Patty time" in my house! Have a great weekend Kym!


Yay, go team go!

I don't normally watch the Olympics but out of the two Winter is more of interest - being totally un-sporty. I stayed up until 2am this morning absoluted hooked - 4 man luge, V skating (wow, what costumes) and then I watched Candada beat Norway in the Hurling. I'm not quite there with understanding the lingo but I think I have more of an idea of the rules.

Erin Mulhern

Argh! Horrible memories of Anna Karenina come flooding back. I'd probably like it much more if I read it again. Also, sweater looks really cool. And I love the little saying at the end. It's something that I will try to keep in mind everyday. :D

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