Sweet Child o' Mine

The Real Winner

A month or so ago, I noticed I had a "blog milestone" approaching, so I had a little contest.  I offered to make a minion for the 1,000th commenter on my blog.  After a flurry of comments, Sharon was declared . . . The Winner! 

I made a little, round minion with a tuque for Sharon. . . and sent it off to New Jersey just in time for Valentine's Day.

Sharon's minion 005 

I love reading all of your comments, and I'm so happy to have made so many new friends through my blog.  I was really excited to send this little minion off to Sharon -- and so pleased to learn that the little round gal (this minion is a girl. . .) makes Sharon smile!

But, you know, even though Sharon won my contest, I realized that I'm the REAL winner here.  Not only do I get all of my new blog friendships, but today . . .  I got a really cool prize of my own!  Sharon sent me this gorgeous handmade totebag to carry my gardening books and magazines.

Gifts from sharon 001 

Her timing couldn't be better!  It's snowing again.  It's cold and grey and dark.  If feels like spring will never, ever arrive.  And I really have the itch to garden.  So, this bright, lovely garden bag just made my day!

Gifts from sharon 002 

I put it right to work, hauling my new magazines and catalogs.  The size is perfect. 

And look --  Sharon has personalized tags!  So cute.

Gifts from sharon 003 

Thanks so much for brightening my day -- with your comments, and your friendships, and (Wow!) with surprises!

I AM the Real Winner!


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How wonderful!


Thank you for brightening my days with your lovely posts and photos :)


What a pretty bag! And the days are getting longer. Soon you will have spring.
I love the heart button you sewed onto the tuque brim of the minion.


Spring will come, won't it? It's feeling like there is no end of winter in sight. The bag makes me think of spring though....pretty!

Diana Troldahl

Beautiful Bag!!! I was just browsing through photos taken in march a few years ago.. Crocuses (Croci?) are only a month away!! (probably)

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