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News Flash!

I was at a meeting earlier today when I heard this:  Today, for the first time in recorded history, there is snow on the ground in each of the 50 states


Love (1,000)

After going back and forth several times, I finally made the decision to actually sign up for the RavelympicsTeam Michigan.  I'll be participating in the Sweaterboarding event. . . and I'll be making a zipped vest for Tom.  Here's my little "training swatch."

Thunder road 004

I've been wanting to make this vest for Tom for quite a while.  He's very enthused about it -- cooperating most heartily through the measurement phase, and the yarn selection phase, and even the swatching phase (although he was mostly losing interest by then). 

The most fun part was choosing the yarn.  Tom is color blind.  Like, really color blind.  (I could have a lot of fun with this . . . but I'm a Kind and Loving Wife. . . so I am Helpful when it comes to color-matching.)  I gathered up appropriate stash yarns in "manly" colors and presented them to Tom -- under a really good light, of course.  We considered a nice olive green (which, to Tom, appeared. . . brown) and a heathered forest green (which, to Tom, appeared. . . brown) and a lovely greyish-rust color (which, to Tom, appeared. . . brown) and a warm cocoa brown (which, to Tom, appeared. . . brown).  In the end, we went with. . . brown (as if that mattered).

I look forward to casting on tonight - during the opening ceremonies.  It's going to be nice to make something for Tom.  He is always appreciative of my efforts when it comes to knitting --- and very supportive of my little habit.  (He also likes warm vests!)

{Note to Rachel:  I was sorely tempted to join you for the Ropes event.  If the moss stitch on this vest gets to be a little too tedious - which is a distinct possibility -- I will join you for a few "laps" on the Ropes!}

{Note to Lynn:  I was also sorely tempted to join you in making the Every Way Wrap.  I'm going to be watching your progress carefully -- because that is next on my knitting agenda (I think. . .)!}


Hard Head Hat

Brian's hockey team has a little locker room award the coaches give after every game.  It's the Hard Hat, and it goes to the player that has made the biggest effort/difference in the game.  Wednesday's winner of the Hard Hat. . .

Hard hat feb 9 10 001 

Great game, Bud!  (And that game winning goal was pretty dang awesome!)



Jenny and I go for a walk every evening.  During the summer our routes vary, but during the winter - when the roads are icy and snowy - we tend to follow the same path day after day.  Jenny knows our path Really Well.  She knows where the fenced dogs live; she knows where the loose dogs live; she knows where the loud-dogs-barking-in-the-houses live.  Not much surprises her during our winter walks.

Until yesterday.  We were walking along in one of the no-dogs segments of our route, when she suddenly freaked.  Her hair stood up on her shoulders and she growled and started walking sort of sideways.  She was beside herself.  It took me a minute to figure out what she saw.  It was this:

The snowman 001 

A tiny little snowman (with racing flags????) in someone's yard!  This snowman is about 2 feet tall!  What a goofy dog. . .


Birds of a Feather

Don't forget -- this weekend is the Great Backyard Bird Count!  It's fun and easy to participate.

Birds and squirrels 021 


Fermentation Continues

So far, so good on the sourdough starter.  After nearly 48 hours, I have no trace of any blue, pink, or green liquid in my starter.  Just a very yeasty-smelling mixture with the consistency of pancake batter.  Sourdough. . . here we come!

Sourdough starter 003 


Happy Valentine's Day

Heart bouquet 

Have a great weekend -- with plenty of Olympics, knitting, and chocolate!



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Congratulations, Brian!

So you're knitting browns? ;^) I look forward to following your progress.

I'm with Jenny. If I had her vision, I would have flipped at that sight of that snowman, too. What's he doing? Why is he standing there? What's with the flags?! o.O



If my d'aling would have wanted anything enthusiastically enough it would have been my challenge in a second, even if he wanted it in brown god forbid :)

It will make me very happy whenever you will come join me for a few laps on our Ropes.

You got yourself one smart dog there and I hope your weekend will be a good one too with loads of open bags of goodies of all sorts :)


Happy knitting and Olympics watching.

Yay to Brian on the Hard Hat award!

Happy Valentines to you too!

Diana Troldahl

I'd bet the checkered flags are because this weekend is the first NASCAR race of the season, the Daytona 500.
It's the harbinger of spring for many fans.
Oscar is a long time fan, and I became a fan last year, initially because we have little enough time together it was nice to spend it in the same room, but then I got to liking a few of the drivers (most do a lot of charity work and there are some great stories, like 50-yr-old Mark Martin coming in second for the championship last year)
I joined the harlot olympics but since I am designing a shawlette, I need to wait for a break int eh brain fog before starting.


Such a nice post! My Olympic knitting is tragic!


Oh ha ha! I KNEW you would join Ravelympics!! I've noticed you have a very hard time resisting a challenge! Can't wait to see your progress on Tom's vest!

Personally, I am having a very hard time knitting during the Olympics. I get so very, very caught up in them all. I started screaming the other night in a really intense moment, and the kids had friends over, and they all came running because they thought I had gotten hurt. One friend said, "See if we run to protect you next time!" They all felt really silly. LOL!!! Can't help myself. The USA is really doing so wonderfully, but that doesn't really matter, I love to see all those kids' hard work and determination.

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