The Real Winner
Under Pressure?


Check out this amazing birthday card Brian got from some good friends:


copyright AGC, Inc.

Apparently, this card was just there. . . on the card rack of the grocery store!  It wasn't a special order or personalized card or anything.  Without a doubt, this is Brian's favorite card ever -- and he will probably keep it forever.

Briantology.  Going out on his own.  I love it.  Because Brian is definitely an individual; doing things his own way.  Briantology.  I think it must be what makes him. . .

Brian's bridge 002 

spend hours designing and building bridges for the Science Olympiad. . .

Brian's birthday 005 

work diligently to perfect his creme brulee skills. . .

Shower curtain 002 

choose this shower curtain as the "best birthday gift ever". . .

Brian at skills comp 006

copyright Mike Vigen, used with permission

and unload from the blue line!

Briantology.  Perfect!


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What a wonderful card for a fabulous boy!


Awesome card. Just like the kid :)


Great finding! :)

Diana Troldahl

Lovely :-}
You raised a good 'un!


Amazing kid. I especially love the creme brulee technique (but why not a blow torch a la Julia Child?


Special son! Enjoy!

denise copeland

I try not to do any enabling but i can’t help myself this time - it’s the shower curtain. Besides having some wonderful shawl pins this Etsy shop has jewelry taken from the Periodic Table of the case Brian doesn’t do earrings :) there are pendants....And I bet there could be a new “Brian" element added to the table...Just sayin’


What can't he do? You're raised a wonderful kid.


Such a great kid. He must take after his Mom!

Erin Mulhern

I love that card! Also, I have two things to say about the shower curtain.


2: Why don't they make any with a diagram and time line of literary theories?

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