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Some days (like today), there are lots of things taking up space in my head.  Thoughts and situations and plans just swirl. . . and swirl. . . and swirl. 

When the swirling begins, I like to sort things out by . . . digging in the soil; playing with roots and shoots and fruits; smelling the earth; getting dirty.

But today, this is my reality.  I can't scratch that itch.  No digging today -- at least, not in soil.  No potting going on here.  Not yet.

Snowy work bench 002 

Today, I'll just have to sort out the swirl with a cup of tea. . . and a little moss stitch.


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OOOO, I know exactly what you mean. I think I am going to get some tulip bulbs and some primroses to bring in pots indoors. This very long and cold winter is unbelievable and I need that cheer. I was talking to a lady at the store today, and everyone is talking about never remembering such a harsh winter here in the South. When the elderly say this, it is bad!

Oh, but what you gotta say about SEAN!!!! He's the man~is he not?! I was totally blown away with his tricks last night. He is also such a gracious, NICE person! I even cried along with Lindsay on the podium, did you?

denise copeland

I agree with Kay, I can’t remember a colder or snowier winter. I guess one good aspect is the flea and tick population will be deceased, and more importantly, when spring arrives it certainly won’t be taken for granted.


You could have made a rope or two too :)


Just had to come over and comment on your comment over at Margene's blog...I LOVELOVELOVE the phrase "the ebb and flow of organization". It fits me to a tee!!!


With the sunshine and "warmer" weather, I am getting excited for spring and looking forward to getting dirty. I hope we have a good one.
; )

Diana Troldahl

I don;t do much of it anymore, but the cure for the early itch for gardening for me used to be pottery.
Squishing all that clay around really helped :-}

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