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Writing Them Down: The Knitting

The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal.  The tragedy lies in having no goals to reach.  -- Benjamin Mays

It's a new year.  2010.  And here we are. . .at the beginning of January, trying to get used to writing this new date.  Rolling the sound of "twenty-ten" around in our mouths.  And primed for action with our new, blank calendars and hopes for a fresh start.

2010 calendars 001

Lots of us begin the year with resolutions or goals.  As for me. . . well, I start with both. You see, to me, "resolutions" are in a completely different category than "goals."  To me, "resolutions" are ways you want to live. . . and "goals" are what you want to do.

You've already seen my resolutions for the new year; now it's time for me to start rolling out my goals.  I tend to follow the old SMART system of setting goals -- you know, Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant and Time-limited.  I break my goals down into different categories, and I limit myself to 3 or 4 goals in each category.  And, for me, the most important part of the task is writing them down.  Because, somehow that makes me more accountable.  To myself, of course.  And it makes my goals seem more real.  For myself, of course.  And what better way to write them down. . . than to write them down in my blog!

So, for starters, today. . . here are my Personal Knitting Goals for 2010:

  1. To knit what I feel like knitting. (I know this is not consistent with a SMART goal, but I can't help myself after the whole NaKniSweMoDo thing of 2009, so I'm sticking with it!)
  2. To finally try entrelac by making a scarf like Vicki's gorgeous wonder!
  3. To knit exclusively from my stash.  (Note:  I am not saying I will not purchase any yarn; I'm quite certain I will.  I'm just not going to knit with it during 2010.)
  4. To knit at least three charitable projects during 2010.
There you have them.  Written down.


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Admirable goals! I'm with you except for entrelac...once was enough.


Great goals, especially the charity knitting. I mean to do more of this but haven't done anything since a set of premie hats in 2008. I think I'll join you!

denise copeland

Knitting exclusively from stash...

It seems that nine times out of ten, that when I think I need/want something, I find that I already have it. ;)


Excellent goals, Kym. The hardest is going to be not knitting with any fabulous yarn you happen to buy this year. But you're STRONG!!!! Incidentally, I'm going to be watching how you get on with the entrelac. I've never tried it either.


I loved the entrelac -- and I'm sure the yarn had 99% to do with that! For texture alone, I'd go with something cabled hands-down. For texture with mesmerizing color changes that make me forget about how many times I'm turning the piece for every repeat and wonder every now and then if I should practice and perfect the art of knitting backwards, it's entrelac all the way, baby, using something produced by NORO!
; )


I love the goals and LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of only knitting from the stash but not limiting purchases. I would certainly benefit from a 12 month dive into my infinite yarn supply ~ might even put a small dent in it! I may just jump on your bandwagon!! Happiest of 2010!


Love that your personal goals start with knitting! Also love Vicki's entrelac scarf; just finished a vest in the same colorway (Kureyon 252), but couldn't comment on her blog because it's closed for that topic...


I guess since I am new to knitting and don't have much of a stash (yet), I can't comprehend not knitting with newly purchased yarn. All I can say is, you must have one heck of a stash, OR you are practicing some type of major self- deprivation!

That scarf was soooo gorgeous!

I've been aching to ask you this: What is the one sweater that you have knit that you wear the most? I have read and read about girls taking the time to knit something, and then not be happy with it. So far I have learned from knitting that I am much longer waisted than I ever thought, or sweaters are really short these days.

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