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Writing Them Down: Cooking

"I was 32 when I started cooking: Up until then, I just ate."  -- Julia Child

A couple of weeks ago, I started sharing my personal goals for the new year.  But then I got distracted -- by mittens and hockey and minions and comments.  But here I am today.  Back on track.  

Bread jan 17 005

I really like to cook.  It hasn't always been like that, though.  I used to consider it . . . just another chore.  BUT.  The potential for Liking to Cook was always there.  You see, I've always entertained the notion of cooking as something fun and creative to do.  Looking through food magazines.  Reading cookbooks.  Organizing old recipes.  I've even been - at various times in my earlier life -- an Adventurous Cook. (C'mon, Tom.  What can we consider "Frank Fiesta" . . . 30 years ago. . . if not "adventurous"?)  Over the last few years, though, I've really started to LIKE cooking.  (As opposed to baking. . . which I've always been pretty good at.)

Caramel Pecan Rolls Jan 2010 009 

So.  Here are my Cooking Goals for 2010:

  1. Support local growers/producers as much as possible.
  2. Make bread on the weekends during the cold months.
  3. Make at least one new dish/recipe each week.
  4. Become adept at cooking fish -- by putting fish on the menu at least once a week.
  5. Expand vegetarian repertoire -- by preparing at least one vegetarian meal per week.  (Sorry, Brian.)

I'm off to a grand start! 

Bread jan 17 001

Bread jan 17 002 

Bread jan 17 006 

Bread jan 17 008 

Vegetarian AND bread! 


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In Martha Stewart Living this month they had a "Classic White Bread" recipe that I plan on making!! My success at bread making is spotty--but I have to keep on trying because homemade bread is delicious!!!

Diana Troldahl


I love making mujaddara. I have a batch in the fridge right now.


Nothing better than the smell of fresh bread dough and bread right out of the oven!



::jumps up from computer, runs to kitchen, and loads up the bread baker::



Homemade cooking is the best. My family gets a little nervous though when I say that I'm experimenting. Sometimes it turns out and sometimes not so much.

Your bread is super. If it storms this weekend like it's predicted maybe I should get out my brown bread recipe and warm up the house.

The soup is souper too! ;)



Wonderful goals and I'm sure Brian will survive.


hmmmm,,, that looks good!

I like to cook too.

I am entertaining the thoughts of baking and even brought back from Israel a promising book about baking breads at home but still didn't go into it. I am afraid the breads will be too good as right now I need a diet not home baked breads.


Soup is one of my favorite winter meals. The bread looks like heaven. I can almost smell it baking.



Such inspiration...I'm going to make bread if it's the the last thing I do! :-)

Erin Mulhern

I want that bread. And that soup. It looks delicious. Maybe you should mail me some bread. Yeah. :)


Yum! Any chance you'd share the soup recipe?


Oh my goodness, YUM YUM YUM!!

My attitude toward cooking has so much to do with whatever else I'm doing on a given day. I love to cook -- when there's not something else I'd rather be doing (or should be doing)!


I think you'd really love The Art of Simple Food, by Alice Waters (if you don't have it already). Her recipes and philosophy would fit your goals nicely.


That soup looks divine!


Lovely! What's your favorite bread recipe??

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