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Special Day Times Two

Bet'cha might have missed this one.  Today, January 21, is National Squirrel Appreciation Day.  I'm not kidding.  Squirrels have a day of their own, and today's the day.

To commemorate this most special event, I got Jenny a new toy!

Jenny and the squirrels 002

This is a hide-the-squirrel toy.  There are three little squirrels (with squeakers) that you hide in the "tree."  Then, the dog has fun finding and "retrieving" the squirrels. . . and you start all over again.

I had a hard time taking photographs of the new squirrel toy.  Because Jenny LOVES the new squirrel toy.

Jenny and the squirrels 001 

And she WANTS the new squirrel toy.

Jenny and the squirrels 003 

I know this toy will get lots of love and attention from Jenny.  Because she's had one before.  In fact, she loved it so much, and she gave it so much attention, that this is all that's left of the first one!

Old squirrel 001 

Yep.  Just a sad, nearly disintegrated little squirrel face!  (She still digs it out of her toy basket and flings it around once in awhile. . . just to make sure it's still . . . dead.)

Jenny is thrilled to be celebrating National Squirrel Appreciation Day.

Jenny and the squirrels 012 

But this is a special day for another reason, too!

It's my sister's 48th birthday!

Cheyenne Trip 2009 011 (2) 

Happy Birthday, Di! 

You know, I would never mistake YOU for a squirrel. . . although, I do remember some, well, squirrel-ly things you may have done.   Hope your day is great!

Wishes come true


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Happy birthday Di and happy squirrel day!

We have four young grey squirrels who 'own' the back gardens - 5 long gardens that come together in a point. They use the fences as their own highways. A couple of the gardens have squirrel feeders, a small bin with a hinged lid that they fill with peanuts. The squirrels have a lovely time chasing the blackbirds (we have 13 atm). I have a lovely time chasing the squirrels off of the sunflower heart feeds I keep filled for the finches and tits - I don't begrudge a few but when they get on there (upside down usually) they just hoover out all of the nuts!


Such a wonderful birthday greeting to your sister! Happy Birthday, Di.
I'm so glad my puppies don't know it's NSD. ;-D


What a fabulous toy for Jenny. And is it really, REALLY National Squirrel Day? How is this not a better known fact? You've done your part, however, Kym. It's up to the rest of us to pass the information on. And happy birthday to your sister! (Aren't sisters great?!) XX


That's hilarious. The toy and the holiday.

Not your sister, she looks very nice - and pretty amused. Not sure if she knew she was about to take part in a squirrel post.


Can you imagine the power of the National Squirrel Lobby to get those little monsters their own day?! o.0

Happy Birthday, Di!

Get 'em, Jenny!


Don't want to offend any squirrel lovers out there but can I borrow Jenny? We have more than enough squirrels, thank you very much, and I could use her help with them. ;)

Happy birthday to Di!


Cute toy, and what a nice birthday greeting from you to your sister!


Wow...Spike is soooooooooo stinkin' jealous right now! You are FOR SURE the cooler mom! Happy Birthday to your sister :)


ZOMG! I love that toy!


National Squirrel Day!!!!! Hmmmm, how many of our tax dollars went into that one? How nice to hear of a dog that will actually PLAY with their toys and that is super cool toy! Our Min. Schnauzer won't play with a thing. If we do buy her something, she will go bury it in a basket or under something, never to touch it again. SHE IS PLAIN BORING!!!! Jenny's such a fun little girl!!!

Happy Birthday to your sis! Our b'days are 3 days apart, as I turn 46 Sun. OUCH!!!!


Happy Birthday, sister Di! I'm sure you have had lots of fun together over the years. Wish I had a sister! Oh those squirrels...they eat all my bird food before the birds even get a chance!

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