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Monsters, Inc.

Soundtrack time. . . Click in to this video to set the mood for this post!

Monsters have invaded my house!!!  They've taken over my life!!!  I can't escape them!!!  They're EVERYwhere!!!  They're. . . in the dog food!!!

Minions 005

They're. . . in the laundry!!!

Minions 007 

They're. . .watching my tv!!!

Minions 010 

Even my children are in danger!!! They're. . . reading Erin's books!!!

Minions 006 

And. . .hiding in Brian's hockey bag!!!

Minions 011 

Truth is. . . I've been utterly charmed by these little monsters!  (Two Ravelry links.)

Minions 024 

They are knit from Heather Sebastian's Minions pattern (Ravelry link here), using a variety of sock yarn scraps I had on hand.  I intended to make one for Erin. . .

Minions 021 

and it was so dang cute that I decided to make some more!

Minions 019 

Then Brian wanted one.  And I decided . . . why stop there?  I'll make one for his girlfriend, too!

Minions 018 

(The one with the scarf is not in the pattern -- I did the scarf, "mittens" and "boots" on my own.) 

I had WAY too much fun with these little guys!  It's a great way to use leftover sock yarn and mismatched buttons -- and a fun way to start the new year, most definitely.

Minions 013 


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Kym these are so COOL! I showed Caitlin and, of course, she wants one. I'm currently on my second pass of finishing the hood on Rogue for her (in green Dream in Colour Smooshy which is wonderful to knit)so she'll have to wait for a while.


Hilarious. Those are super cute. Zoe is going to die when she sees them, and all my stash bits will finally be gone.

But I totally thought you were going to say you guys had LICE!


I LOVE those!

/wanders off to look at patterns.


Knit monsters are very good monster's to have around the house.


Oh they are so cute! Any chance there could be a contest on your blog (from the people who comment) and one of these cuties would be the prize???? Pretty please???


I especially like the eyes!


Very Cute!

Diana Troldahl

Those are hilarious!!! Ok, off to check out the pattern. I could use a minion or three :-}


Way too cute!!! The scarf and boots one is my favorite. You're obviously having fun even in the extreme cold everyone is having.


So cute!

denise copeland

I am wondering if they are feltable if made in an all wool yarn (of course in a larger size) and maybe without the eyes. I prefer made in the USA toys for my furry companions but it is absolutely impossible to find them, Thank you, this might be the solution!


Oh, I love your monsters! Too cute! I've got leftover sock yarn too....


Those are adorable! Great post too!

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