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Writing Them Down: The Knitting

Monsters, Inc.

Soundtrack time. . . Click in to this video to set the mood for this post!

Monsters have invaded my house!!!  They've taken over my life!!!  I can't escape them!!!  They're EVERYwhere!!!  They're. . . in the dog food!!!

Minions 005

They're. . . in the laundry!!!

Minions 007 

They're. . .watching my tv!!!

Minions 010 

Even my children are in danger!!! They're. . . reading Erin's books!!!

Minions 006 

And. . .hiding in Brian's hockey bag!!!

Minions 011 

Truth is. . . I've been utterly charmed by these little monsters!  (Two Ravelry links.)

Minions 024 

They are knit from Heather Sebastian's Minions pattern (Ravelry link here), using a variety of sock yarn scraps I had on hand.  I intended to make one for Erin. . .

Minions 021 

and it was so dang cute that I decided to make some more!

Minions 019 

Then Brian wanted one.  And I decided . . . why stop there?  I'll make one for his girlfriend, too!

Minions 018 

(The one with the scarf is not in the pattern -- I did the scarf, "mittens" and "boots" on my own.) 

I had WAY too much fun with these little guys!  It's a great way to use leftover sock yarn and mismatched buttons -- and a fun way to start the new year, most definitely.

Minions 013