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Time for a soundtrack. . . Hit it, girls!

(Love this version of Dreamboat Annie. . . but the hair on the guy on keyboard?  Oh, my!  Just a bit distracting.)

Yes, what else but a song by Heart to commemorate the completion of my Psychic Heart mittens!

Dreamboat annie 016 

I've done enough whining and complaining about this particular project, so I'll keep it to a minimum today.  In the end, let's just say that . . . I like the mittens (Ravelry link) a little better than I had expected.  Everything looked a bit better after a good blocking.  The yarn "plumped up" a bit, the uneven stranding . . .evened out, and the colors just look better together.  Oh, and they fit.  (That's always a good thing.)

Dreamboat annie 001 

This is the first pair of mittens I've made without a thumb gusset.  It was fun to try something new, but I think I prefer mittens with a thumb gusset.  The mitten pulls across the palm a bit, although after a while, you get used to it.  It's not bad. . . it's just different.

Dreamboat annie 011 

I've been wearing these out-and-about today, and I've had several positive comments.  No one (yet) has pointed out that my color choices could have been better. . . or that it was unwise to throw that yellow into the mix. (Even though both of those things are true.)

These mittens are bright and cheerful.  They make me happy and keep me warm.  Good things. . . in January. . . when the temperature is dropping. . . and snowflakes are in the air.



Earlier this morning, Sharon (no blog) made the 1,000th comment on my blog!  I'm really excited -- because Sharon made the original suggestion to offer a minion as a prize for a blog-contest.  Congratulations, Sharon!  And thanks to all of you for reading, and commenting, and supporting me.


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They look very nice! Now, for some snow. It's pouring rain here.

Diana Troldahl

I like them much better now! And the yellow looks very very cheerful.
All the automatic porch lights have been on all day on our street.
I'm all for thumb gussets. I have tiny hands, but a HUGE thumb base, with webbing yet!


Very happy mittens! They would be put to good use here....blizzard today!


I <3 your mittens! I'm adding a row of hearts to a hat I'm making. Time to get into the Valentine's Day spirit!


I'm so excited to get my own personal minion!!! I can't wait to see the cute little creature you knit up just for me!! I promise to give it a good home and will send you a photo of it enjoying it's new home in NJ! Thank you so much Kym!


Love the hearts! Such happy mittens!


Haha... keyboard guy appears to have spent more time on his hair than either Ann or Nancy!


They look great! The yellow looks better in the all of it! Nice work!


I like these better all finished - somehow, cheerfulness can be enough.

One of my co-workers has decided to take up drumming (in her 50's) after seeing Heart in concert ;-)


Lovely mittens!

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