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It's Friday! Round'em Up!

Ahhh.  Friday at last. 

And the last Friday in January, at that!  Doesn't January just seem to . . . creep along?  So dark.  So cold.  So . . . long.  But it's almost February.  And all I can say is. . .

Candy 001 

Somebody - STOP ME!


If you (or your kids) are Facebook users, you really ought to take a look at this article from the NY Times.   There are 3 very simple (and very quick) steps you can take to adjust your Facebook settings to protect your privacy.  (It took me less than 3 minutes to follow the directions.)


I will miss Ping on Project Runway. . . but I think Amy was robbed last night!


And, as far as Mind Candy goes this week, well, this one is for my niece.  Hang in there, Jes!

Life comes back 


Have a wonderful weekend!


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Monday is going to be a good day just because it will be February! I've been eating chocolate all're not alone.


Thanks for being so supportive :) And today, I truly say TGIF!!!

Diana Troldahl

Lovely lovely card.


Really? This month has flown by for me... and I didn't even have any chocolate. ;^)



thank you for providing the link to the enlightening Facebook article


Love this card and I have an open chocolate bag problem too these days, ackh!


I ate Kisses today too. Mine were leftovers from Halloween! I don't know how they escaped me until now...clever little buggers! ;)


Nobody should stop you - those kisses are tasty!

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