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Winter Interest

In garden design, the goal is to create a garden that looks great in all seasons.  In the winter. . . here in Michigan. . . you need to consider "winter interest" -- and create a garden that will bring joy -- even in the snow.

Winter interest 018 

Seedheads and grasses look magical when they capture and hold a little snow.

Winter interest 015 

Winter interest 021

Back in the fall, when I cleaned up my garden for the season, I intentionally left some of the plants and grasses as they were.  For the snow.

Winter interest 020 

Winter interest 009 

The snow makes a wonderful contrast on the bark of trees and highlights the bare branches that would otherwise disappear into the background.

Winter interest 012 

Winter interest 001

The snow helps a bleak winter landscape look . . . lovely!

Winter interest 025 

(Snow has such magical properties that it can even bring "winter interest" to  a rusty old mildewed hockey net!)

Winter interest 026 

I'm enjoying the snow today. . . because the weather forecast says rain is on the way.  Yes, rain for Christmas.  I try not to pay too much attention to weather forecasts -- because weather does . . . whatever it does.  But I really don't like rain on top of snow.  And I really don't like rain at Christmas.  Sigh.  That's Michigan for you!  We get a lot of weather here. 

And, speaking of Michigan, here's a special holiday greeting for you!

Michigan christmas 

Enjoy this last push before The Big Day!


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You are very successful in creating "winter interest". Your garden is beautiful. Despite the rain, may your Christmas be Merry and Bright!


Beautiful snow pictures!

Sorry to hear about the rain. Treacherous walking after that and driving...


Love the twelve days!


So thoughtful! Thanks Kym. Michigan is near and dear to our hearts!


Lovely 12 and what an amazing looking garden you have in the winter. Well done!


Love your winter interest... mine is more from neglect than by design! The weather is threatening to put a big crimp in holiday travel plans!


Breath-takingly beautiful!


Very pretty. My cornus albas are my winter interest along with the grasses. So nice to look at!


You have a knack for taking winter garden photos!

Cute card! My daughter and I'll be visiting Michigan next week.

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