Go BIG . . . or Go Home
Feeding the Spirit

The Twelve

Last December, I joined the NaKniSweMoDo group on Ravelry.  The goal was simple:  knit 12 adult-sized sweaters within a 12-month period. 

Central Park Hoodie front 

#1 Central Park Hoodie

At that time in my life, I was ready for a long-term challenge (especially one with a focus on the future!), and I like knitting sweaters.  I was all in!  I didn't think it would be too difficult to manage --- after all, I had knit 11 sweaters in 2008 - with no "official" challenge or group to join. 

EZ Rib Warmer 003 

#2 Rib Warmer

But I was wrong.  This was an incredibly difficult challenge for me.  But not in the ways you might think.  I clearly had the time to knit 12 sweaters . 

Cosima fini_1 

#3 Cosima

It was more . . . a general grumpiness-about-sweaters kind of issue.  Somehow, feeling like I had to knit sweaters. . . made me want to knit other things.

Baby cables finished 4 

#4 Baby Cables and Big Ones Too

I realize this was entirely my own sense of obligation/expectation.  I mean, there are no repurcussions if NaKniSweMoDo participants don't knit 12 sweaters.  And there are no prizes or accolades if we do knit 12 sweaters.  It's just a goal.  A personal goal.

Gytha fini back 

#5 Gytha

I could've let it go.  And, in retrospect, I probably should have.  I'd still have knit the sweaters.  But I'd have been happier about sneaking in a hat here. . . or a pair of mittens there.

Kind of Blue Fini 010 

#6 Golden Vintage Cardigan

I think it all comes down to "free will."  What I learned about myself is . . . I want to knit what I feel like knitting.  Not what I feel like I have to knit.

Midnight Rider Fini 005 

#7 Nantucket Red

As people close to me know. . . I really (really) don't like to be told what to do.  ("You're not the boss of me!")  I tend to fight authority.  I think that came into play here with NaKniSweMoDo.  Even though . . . it was ME telling ME what to do!

Summer Breeze 004 

#8 Sprout

So.  I won't be signing up for NaKniSweMoDo 2010!  (If you're interested in giving this a try yourself, there is a 2010 group forming now on Ravelry.)

Daisy Jane 62122 

#9 Buttercup

I'll still be knitting sweaters, though!

Kodachrome finis front 

#10 Tempest

And I won't hesitate to sign up for interesting KALs.  Like NaKniMitMo 2010 (knit a pair of mittens during the month of January).  I like challenges and goals.  I like deciding to do something -- with intention.

Peaceful close up 

#11 Long Lucky

I just don't like the intention . . . when it feels like a chore.

Hanging on the telephone 009e 

#12 Ode to Picasso

This process has given me a couple of important insights.  First, yet again, I have revealed my stubborn nature when it comes to setting personal goals.  And second, I have discovered that I need my knitting to be more . . . free-flowing.  And that's a good thing to know . . . about something that feeds your soul!

This process has also given me 12 pretty great sweaters!  But, boy, am I ready to knit some hats!