The Best Part of Christmas
Good Eats

Straight from the Heart

I got some really special gifts this year for Christmas.  Handmade goodies.

Favorite things 008 

My Dad made these totally cool bookends for me.

Favorite things 003 

They're so very clever!

Favorite things 005 

My sister and her husband joined forces to make me something extra-special, too.

Favorite things 009 

My brother-in-law made the stunning - and clever - frame, and my sister created a cross-stitch souvenir of our London vacation.

Favorite things 010 

And my friend Sandie, who also happens to be a ceramic artist, made this gorgeous dish for me.

Favorite things 015 

It's just lovely!

Favorite things 014 

I love handmade gifts.  They come. . . straight from the heart!


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Diana Troldahl

I think my best gift was seeing almost all my nieces and my nephew. We had a very good time :-}


Handmade gifts range from macaroni glued on popsicle sticks to the ones you received. You have some very, very talented (and thoughtful!) friends and relatives. The bookends are a hoot! The Liberty piece is truly personal. The bowl will warm your heart every time you use it.


Every gift is a treasure!


I agree wholeheartedly! Nothing beats a handmade gift. Your bookends are really great - very clever and beautifully made!


So beautiful! What talented people you know!


denise copeland

Goodness, do any of these very talented people have Etsy shops?

Speaking of handmade and specifically of hands, have you seen the Silent Monks Singing Hallelulia? I may be the last person to have seen this, but in case you haven’t either, here’s the link,
I think you will really like it.


Gorgeous gifts! You have very talented family & friends!


Fantastic, I love hand made gifts, so wonderful. You are lucky one :)


The bookends are pure treasures! Did he design them himself? They are just wonderful and even comical. Totally in love with them!!!! The other gifts are fantastic as well, but the book ends sing!

I made hand knit hats and fingerless mitts for my nephews (one my sister said would only take his hat off to sleep~which made me so very happy and giggly from head to toe), my nieces got handmade pillow cases, and the women received handmade aprons (7 in all). Everything was received with pure delight, making it one of the most rewarding Christmases ever. I even have started planning next year's gifts~what color to order for whom, what each might like, etc... That's the fun in it all!

Handmade is definitely the heart gift, both for the giver and the receiver.


I am very jealous of your gorgeous handmade gifts! You have very talented friends and family. Each one is so beautiful! Somehow the GPS I got can't compare!


Those gifts are absolutely lovely - not just for their craftsmanship but also because of their thoughtfulness. Lucky!

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