How Old Would You Be?
O Christmas Tree

Ring Out Those Solstice Bells

Happy Solstice!  It's time to celebrate the longest night of the year:

With music. . .

And light . . .

Lights 009

And cocoa. . .


Celebrate the season.

Winter interest 024 

Celebrate the light!


And now for something completely different. . .

This is totally off-topic, but Just Dang Impressive.  Brian had his wisdom teeth extracted on Friday.  He is as miserable as might be expected, but improving rapidly.  Anyway. . . check out his teeth!!!

Wisdom teeth 004 

He asked for them. . . and is hoping his biology teacher will give him extra credit. . . Always thinking, that kid of mine!


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I look at those teeth and all I can think is ouchy! 2nd & 3rd DSs were quite miserable when they had theirs taken out. Here's wishing you no dry sockets!


That is just about the sickest thing ever!!! UGH!! I have 6 kids and could never look at any of their wiggly teeth, much less the bloody ones!

The other photos were quite comforting and wonderful~UNTIL...

Hope your son will be feeling better soon. Not exactly something you would like to happen over your Christmas vacation I daresay.

I'm still working away preparing for the holidays. I am seeing some light at the end, but still have much, much to do.


Poor, poor boy. Hope he feels well enough to enjoy Christmas dinner. I can't wait to head home to a cup of hot cocoa!


Happy Solstice to you too! Your home looks so cozy with the tree and hot cocoa.

Wishing Brian a speedy recovery. Anders is scheduled to have his wisdom teeth removed on the 28th, so we are feeling a bit of empathy.


Ewwwww....we've got a consult January 4th for TLP to have his out. I'll have to have him ask for them! Too funny!


And I hope he feels better soon!


Great time to have them out! Hope he's recovering well.

Have you looked into donating them for research? A while ago I heard about a project for which researchers needed baby teeth. Maybe they could use wisdom teeth, too?

If not, they're great specimens of his DNA!

(And, while it's nice to be cozy indoors, I'm looking forward to longer days and more light!)

Diana Troldahl

Thanks for the Tull, what a terrific song :-}
We are planning to get their Christmas album now.

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