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Here we are, poised and ready to begin a new decade.  Time Magazine recently called the 00s the "Decade from Hell."  It was, most certainly, a decade full of change.  But it does seem to have gone by really quickly.  Doesn't it seem like only yesterday that Y2K was a worry?  That we had faith in our election process?  That planes didn't crash into buildings?  That real estate was a good investment?  Remember when this song was. . . ahead of its time?

I don't get too bogged down by time boundaries, but I do think it's fun to welcome the new year.  Wanna see?  Here's a (thankfully) grainy old photo of Tom and I.  Partying like it was . . . 1979 . . . in the streets of San Francisco.  (I'm really loving the lumberjack look there, Tom!).

Party like its 1979 

Well, things will be a bit quieter for Tom and I this New Year's Eve.  That I can guarantee.  But, I can also say that. . .

Getting lit 

copyright Anne Taintor

We made sure to have an answer to my most pressing question (the one in the far right upper corner of my refrigerator). . .

Magnets 021 

by taking advantage of this. . .

Wine sale 005 

Thanks, Tom!

Wine sale 001 

And, honey. . . no worries.  There will be plenty of your favorite beverages too!

Christmas 2009 001 

It's not every year that you turn over a whole new decade!

So. . . party likes it's 2009!  Dudes, party on!


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How cute are you guys?? Happy New Year, Kym!


Love the magnet! Hilarious :-) Aren't wine sales fun? Glad you're all set.

We're making some home made mulled wine right now (since that damn package of mulling spices is missing) and watching snow fall. Luckily our New Years plans involve having people here who live a few houses away - getting lit and walking home in the snow is the plan for them....

And Anderson Valley is one of my favorite beers ever. The Boont Amber. Have a great night! And a good 2010....


Looks like you're ready to see in the new year. :D

Happy New Year, Kym!



Happy New Year, Kym!! You don't need to be told to have know how!!


I made a stop at the liquor store today, too -- for sangria and lambrusco, the only wine-like substances that Smokey likes. But for him, anything ;-) Party on, dudes!

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