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O Christmas Tree

In my efforts to reclaim Christmas this year, I considered skipping the Christmas tree.  It takes a lot of effort and futzy-work to set up, decorate, and then undo the whole thing when the celebrating is over.  I think I could enjoy a happy Christmas without the tree.  I really do.  But my family intervened.  They offered to be more involved and to help me "do" the tree.  And so.  Here it is.

Tree and decor 012 

And now that it's up in our living room, I'm glad it's there.  Because from it's top. . .

Tree 021 

(. . . what?  Doesn't every Victorian Santa tree topper carry a Spidey?) . . . to it's bottom. . .

Tree and decor 015 

(a hand-embroidered tree skirt I made in 1983). . . the tree so perfectly reflects my family.  You can tell so much about us when you look at the ornaments on the tree.

We're Swedish. . .

Tree 002 

and Irish. . .

Tree 011 

We fish. .

Tree and decor 016 

and sing. . .

Tree 014 

and play hockey. . .

Tree 001 

and garden. . .

Tree and decor 002 

and knit!

Tree 009 

The tree has a sense of history, too.  Ornaments from my own childhood. . .

Tree 008 

and from our early-married-living-on-the-cheap years. . .

Tree 015 

and from our kids' childhoods.

Tree 006 

Our tree honors our pets, too.  From our first cat - the beloved Jelly (now THAT was Some Cat!). . .

Tree 018 

to our current furry pal, Jenny.

Tree and decor 019 

Now that it's up, I can't imagine reclaiming Christmas without it!  The lights, the symbols, the memories.

Tree 022 



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Trees full of family memories are the best! Getting your family on board to help was a great idea.


Lovely. The girls each have their own boxes of ornaments -- St. Nick brings a new one every year, my grandmother made some for them, etc. -- and a couple of years ago, because we had a very small tree, we used only theirs. I should say "they" used only theirs -- I sat back and watched as they decorated! It was so much fun to do nothing but watch and listen as the memories were triggered.

My tree is, as yet, unadorned other than lights... I might go that route again this year! ; )


That's what it's all about! :-}

denise copeland

Thanks for sharing your Christmas tree. It is so beautiful!!!!


The treasured ornaments and their associated memories are the best part of decorating. Thanks for sharing yours.


Oh, Kym, it's wonderful! I'm so glad that your family pitched in to help.


Beautiful. Caitlin puts up our tree now, and Mums and then she redo's her Dads. We have a crib under the tree that has an unusual addition - a fluorescent yellow plastic dog, ex-Christmas cracker from when she was about 2. She put it there very solemnly one day saying it was a dog for baby 'Jesa'.


Love, love your tree, Kym. You have a great family--so nice to have a tree that reflects all your interests and the fun you share. Good that you got some help, too! Perfect!


How very gorgeous your tree is, and how very gorgeous is that window with snow outside!!!! I am in love with the Swedish ornament. The elfy guy is so cute! (or would that be a troll?) Yep, I think you will enjoy gazing at your tree very much with a hot cup of tea, your knitting and Christmas music playing in the background. I personally haven't had any time to do any of those things, but I am hoping!


Oh, that's a delightful tree! While it can be a chore to do alone, trimming the tree is great fun if done as a group, isn't it? My children love getting out the ornaments and hearing the stories about them, where and when we acquired them. One year I was sick and couldn't help with the tree trimming. I really missed that reminiscing as the ornaments were unpacked and hung. Your Thomas the Tank Engine reminds me that when my older daughter was two, she carried Thomas around with her everywhere until she lost him in a park.


I love Swedish/Irish trees. Mine is Norwegian/Irish/Belgian. But only through marriage. Surely, we're related somehow?

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