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Party On, Dudes

In My Own Backyard

It's bleak in my backyard right now.  Grey. Blustery. Cold. Snowy.  But there's a bit of a party going on all the same.

Birds and squirrels 019

The bird feeders are full, and the eatin' is good!

Birds and squirrels 008 

Birds and squirrels 004 

Birds and squirrels 014 

The fat, greedy squirrel (Jenny's nemesis!) is crashing this party.

Birds and squirrels 002 

If you like to feed the birds in your backyard, you might want to consider participating in the Great Backyard Bird Count coming up February 12-15.  It's easy and kind of fun -- with all reporting done online. 

Birds and squirrels 010 

It's a sure way to brighten a bleak landscape!


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Winter isn't bleak when you can bird watch. It's one of my favorite past times, but sadly we live in a condo and can't put feeders out. You have so many beautiful birds and feeders to attract them!


My Mom gave me the love of bird watching. Even though I didn't realize how beautiful it could be to watch a Cardinal pair when I was 15! :-) Thanks for the demo from the Chickadee - I was wondering how that one worked! Happy New Year Kym!


How lovely!

What a shame there's always a squirrel trying to crash the party.



It is interesting to see the different birds that you have compared to what I have in Yorkshire, England.

I put sunflower hearts out which attract all manner of finches and tits. At this time of year it is a huge arial scrum, usually supervised by a beautiful robin. The blackbirds are also vying for territory and mates - this morning there were 8 in my garden.

Next door feeds squirrels and jays - the squirrels also perform upside down acrobatic antics to get their noses into the bird feeders, but this morning I saw something totally amazing - a huge bird landed on the garage across the road, stretched itself and flew off, it was a heron, we are nowhere near water so it was way of track.

Diana Troldahl

My brothers got my dad a birdfeeder, and installed it in front of the window across the room from his chair. Since his stroke, Mom has had to do all the filling of the seed, and he couldn't even see the backyard. Now he has something he loves to watch all year round in easy view. I miss my feeder, I no longer have safe access to the back yard. But there is a space outside the kitchen window where I might be able to put one.


I love watching the birds! Must remember to fill the feeder...


Thanks for sharing with us. Happy New Year!


Oh! You have cardinals?? We don't get them here. I'm jealous.

I put the bird feeders too close to the window and the cats scare the birds away. I really should fix that.

Happy Bird Counting to you.


My mother also gave us the love of bird watching. I laugh, because my brother even has a speaker out by his feeders so he can hear them as well. There is nothing better to brighten up a dreary winter day than a beautiful, bright, red cardinal!

Honestly, that just may be the fattest squirrel I have ever seen! My mom puts special cages around her feeders to deter them.

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