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Go BIG . . . or Go Home

When I was a little girl, I loved the advent season and Christmas.  For me, it was a magical time. . . plain and simple.  But something happened as I grew up, and had kids of my own.  Trying to create that "magical time" took the fun right out of the holiday.  All that rushing around.  All of the activity.  All of the "obligations" (most of them self-created).  All of the expectations (again, most of them self-created).  All of that whining (or, as my Mom used to call it --- "the gimmes and the wants").  It started to make me want to . . . shut down and skip the month of December.

Xmas nap 

copyright Anne Taintor

I think, rather than Skip Christmas Altogether this year, I'm going to try to Reclaim Christmas.  For myself.  I want to try to separate the elements of the season that drain my energy. . . from the elements that lift my spirit and make me smile.  I want to get rid of the obligations and expectations I've created for myself, and reconnect with the things that, down-deep, make me happy at Christmastime. 

So.  It's December 1.  I refuse to step into that Holiday Bobsled and go careening down the run - out of control - until the holidays are over.  Not. Going. To. Do. It.  Instead, I'm going to spend enough time figuring out what matters to me, and focus on those things instead.

Basically, this December. . . I'm going big.  Or I'm going home.  Plain and simple.


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I'm already gearing up (sent out invitations for our big party yesterday -- that means I'm committed to cleaning the first floor, and to making certain foods), but I'm trying to rein in the insanity (hahaha.... who was it who cast on a new gift project that wasn't on the list of many she hasn't cast on yet? oh yeah, me).
I'm going to try to calm down and ENJOY this one.


Wow, the Holiday Bobsled is exactly what it's like -- perfect description! Yeah, thanks, but there will be no careening for me, either. Plain and simple. Enjoyment from the little things -- with anticipation and intention -- that make me happy.


Amen! Baking Christmas cookies and handing them out gives me the most pleasure at Christmas so that's what I'll put my energy into. Decorating will be sparce....I'm having my niece/husband and their 4mo old baby visiting. My house already looks likes BabiesRUS annex in preparation for their arrival next week! BUT I am putting up a real tree (the smallest one on the lot)after having an artificial one for many years!


Good for you, ma'm! I think we can only do this when our children are old enough that they can live without every single Christmas thing/bobble/event/dish/decoration invented.


I am SO with you on this one! I worked my rear off for weeks on end, clear up to Christmas Eve, last year making 5 quilted tablerunners. I was totally unable to enjoy anything about Christmas last year. I even went out today and bought paint to paint my bedroom, and then it came over me, heck no! I am not about to do that until the holidays are over. I am going to put up the decorations that please me, bake a few cookies, finish knitting a few hats (and like I said before, if they aren't done by the 2nd week of Dec.,they are NOT getting finished) and listen to my Christmas CDS to my heart's content! I think we ALL get more enjoyment out of the simple, family togetherness kind of things anyway.


I think that's a wonderful plan!

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