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It's time to wrap up the London coverage. . . and get on with my regular life.  The holidays are coming.  Erin will be home for a break.  Brian's home hockey opener is this weekend.  I still have leaves in my yard.  You know the drill.  I wanted to plan some clever final London post.  But then, yesterday at the gym, Evil Sheri and Her Minions had us doing some odd "surfing" move during a "cardio-burst" . . . and I must have twisted my back in some unusual way.  Now I'm stiff and feeling kind of . . . well, old.  And cranky.  Nothing clever going on today.  Yet, the wrapping up needs to happen.  So I'll end it . . . Random Wednesday Style.

1.  I loved the Tower of London.  I've always been somewhat smitten with the Tudor tales. . . Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Lady Jane Grey, Thomas Seymour, Queen Elizabeth.  It was fun to see one of "their" places.

London trip 343 

2.  I've also always had an interest in architecture - and the work of Christopher Wren.  Seeing St. Paul's Cathedral was pretty incredible.  No photos allowed inside the cathedral, so I can't share the beauty of the interior with you.  But the dome?  Wow!

London trip 395 

3.  An overwhelming sense of how-much-bigger-the-true-scope-of-England's-history-actually-is came to me at Westminster Abbey -- where we not only saw "Britain's Oldest Door" (can't exactly remember the date, but it was around 1055), but also saw the coronation chair used in every British coronation since the 1300s.  Now THAT'S history!

London trip 502 

4.  My favorite "icon" of London?  Big Ben!

London trip 530 

5.  We went to several shows while we were in London.  At first, I didn't want to see Wicked!  Although I love the show, I've already seen it five times.  Di convinced me, though, and it ended up being my favorite show of the trip.  Because. . . even though I'd seen Wicked! many times before, I'd never seen it in London.  It was phenomenal.

London trip 486

6.  And, for my final image of London, I leave you with this.  My favorite street sign.  We definitely don't have signs like this in my neck of the woods!

London trip 215

Farewell, London!  Til next time. . .


On the Doing Good front, please check this out.  My blog-friend and fellow-Michigander, Diana, is building a database of charitable knitting projects and organizations.  Please check out her blog for details.  As the database grows, she will make it available as a page through her blog.  Thanks, Diana, for taking on this project!  It will be a valuable resource for the Knitters of the world.


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Diana Troldahl

My, those Londoners are considerate of our furry friends :-}
And thank you for the mention! I am enjoying compiling the list. I am learning about so many really good people!


Wicked is mine and C's favorite show - we've seen it together twice and she's seen it a third time with her old school. We'd go again in a hearbeat.


Love the majesty of the old buildings and the last picture is just a hoot!


Loved your final blog on London. Wonderful pictures. Do you need physical therapy for your back, Kym? (And perhaps medical-insurance-paid massages as well? One can always dream!) I hope you feel better soon.


Isn't St. Paul's amazing?! Inside and out.

Very interesting street sign. o.0



Oh, your photos have brought back memories of seeing all those historical places - although I don't remember ever getting close to Big Ben. Must have missed him. :)

The first time I went in the British cathedrals I was surprised to find that so many people were buried in St. Paul's and Westminster. It seemed everywhere we stepped we were on top of some noble's or royal's remains!

And there isn't anything like London theatre, is there?


Sure loved your beautiful pictures of London! Brought back wonderful memories. Hope your back feels better! You're still young, so you'll probably be fine, but take care. I have bad memories (and knees) from a particular yoga session. (Old age ain't what it's cracked up to be!)

Erin Mulhern

Hahaha humped zebra! I have a picture of Britain's oldest door you know...if you ever want it. :)

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