What Wasn't There Before

What's Been There All Along

You know how some people seem to lead a charmed life?  You know, one wonderful thing after another happens to them. . . and the puzzle pieces of life just seem to fit together easily?  

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Well, that's not me!  That's not to say I don't lead a pretty great life. . . because, I do. . . but it's not charmed.  I work hard and make mistakes and come up against barriers all the time.  I've had my share of adversity, stress and angst.  Plenty of "character building" moments.  Things generally work out. . . because I am persistent (some might say pig-headed), practical (in a common-sense kind of way), optimistic (which couples well with the persistent trait), and creative (when it comes to thinking things through).  For some reason, I tend to make the most of what I have.  And things, generally, work out.

Why is that? 

I think it's because I have a strong foundation that keeps me grounded.  Today, as I count my blessings, I'm especially thankful for the building blocks of my foundation.

Tom.  My husband for 28 years, and best friend for longer.  Love, support, comfort, and fun.  That's us!  (Besides. . . we share a "hive mind"!)

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My kiddos.  Oh, being a Mom has been a wonderful experience (especially now that we're out of middle school. . .).  What a treat to watch my kids unfold before me!  They keep me humble and make me laugh.

Little Snarks

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My Mom and Dad.  I had a happy childhood -- and it was because of my parents.  Their constant love and support set the stage for the rest of my life.  They always thought I hung the moon . . . even when all evidence pointed to "mediocre!"  Unconditional love is a powerful force!


My sister.  Although we fought like, well. . .sisters, when we were young, we've always been really great friends.  She knows my heart!

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My pup and constant companion, Jenny.  Pets have always been part of my life.  I can't imagine life without a wagging tail around me.

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My friends.  New and old; near and far; "real" and "virtual."  My friends add color and texture to my life -- kind of like a garden.

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My home.  A place of refuge and comfort with plenty of room to live and laugh and dig.  It's a nice place. . . to come home to!


My passions.  Knitting and reading and gardening and cooking and photography.  Being able to immerse myself in hobbies I love gives me a way to recharge and express myself.


Who needs a charmed life when you're grounded in a firm foundation?  I'm thankful. . . that's it's been there all along!


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Thank you, Kym, for sharing your blessings.

Every moment is a gift,
A chance to say thank you,
A chance to be warmed
By the beauty of life.

You show us how.


You have such a beautiful way of sharing your story and your truth.


Lives appear charmed only from the outside; inside everyone has challenges and screw-ups and successes and failures and plenty of learning experiences. What a lovely family you have -- I especially like the photo of your kids. Couple of cuties!


Wonderful list!


What a fine family you have--you can just see the goodness shining out of their eyes. Mediocre, you aren't Kym. You're special and it shows every time you post a blog entry. XX




Thank you for sharing your blessings with us. You are blessed. I've been posting my blessings on Facebook the past couple weeks. Like you I am truly blessed with a firm foundation in family and faith.

Diana Troldahl

Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. And WHAT is that shawl pattern in the last photo? it is beautiful!
I have a pretty short gratitude list, my husband, my dad still here despite last year's stroke, all my immediate family still here.
Everything else grows from that.





Thank you - a wonderful reminder of all my blessings!


you truly are blessed! Happy thanksgiving!


Thanks for putting it so beautifully. I'm grateful to have so much of the same. Happy Thanksgiving.

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