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As readers of my blog already know, I was diagnosed with and treated for non-Hodgkins lymphoma last year.  I am in complete remission now, which is a Really Good Thing.  But last year was tough.  When Things Happen and you're suddenly forced to The Edge, you really have to dig deep.  Down into your Personal Reserve you go. . . and you gain, for good or ill, a New Perspective.

Sept 12 scenes 006

On my trek to The Edge and back, I got quite. . . reflective.  Generally, now that I'm in remission, I am more peaceful and calm.  I'm more accepting and tolerant.  I'm more apt to reach out a hand or talk to strangers.  I think about things differently than I used to, and I notice details and colors and shadows that I must have missed before.  I'm aware of the clock. . . ticking. . . but I don't care what time it is anymore.  I pay more attention to my own rhythm now, and I'm no longer concerned if it's in sync with anyone else's rhythm.

And, maybe more than anything else, I'm more thankful than I've ever been.  So, at this time of thanksgiving, I thought I might count my blessings.  Out loud. I'm going to start with the things that I have in my life now. . . that I didn't have a year ago.  Kind of obvious things. . . like. . .

Hair!  Having it, I mean.  Hair that moves in the breeze.  Hair that you have to wring out after a shower.  Hair that you can twirl around you finger while you think.  Hair that you can decide to cut short, or grow out, or color, or not.  I used to stress about Bad Hair Days, but now I just put on a hat!

Curly front 

Or. . . Health!  The actual results of health -- feeling vibrant and robust and rosy.  Jumping high and twirling around and sweating.  Routine exams.  Plenty of water. . . plenty of rest. . . an apple a day.  And having your doctor say "no sign of cancer."

Or. . .Carpe Diem!  A whole new attitude emerges.  Why wait?  Do it now!  Take the day and wring every last thing out of it.  Bite off more than you can chew . . . and then chew it.  Figure out what you really want, and then figure out how to make it happen.  Seize the Day!

Ooh la la 

Cancer a blessing?  Never; not a chance.  But I am thankful for new ways of seeing . . . what wasn't there before.


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Kym, every single time I have read one of your "reflective" blogs, I think, "She read my mind!" "I could have written this." I love "Ooh la la" on the birdbath (?)!


:-) Your outlook is amazing - and something that those of us who havent' been through what you have can also try to follow.

Enjoy the holiday with your family!

Diana Troldahl

My mom-in-law is also a survivor of non-hodgkins lymphoma (on year eleven!)and is in her 70's.
She wins dance competitions with her partner Fred, and multiple medals in the senior olympics.
And rides her bike to teach remedial reading both in Michigan and in Florida.
Inspiring women, you two. :-}


My perspective has certainly changed and what was once important now seems trivial. Being able to walk up a flight of stairs (or two) is such a blessing, being here to enjoy relationships with my husband, family and friends is more important than ever. Just thinking that I WILL be here a year from now is amazing, too.


I love to read your posts. Never know quite what is coming next, although every word reads like I read it before and know what's coming. (Make sense much, Kat™?)

Anyway, I am very glad you are still around to blog and enjoy your life, too :-)


May everyone have your perspective, whatever their health status. So much of life is amazing to get lost in the little things. Have a great Thanksgiving!


It's too early in the week to be sniffling but you got me. I think it was the hair because I remember when my mother lost hers to chemo for breast cancer, and how happy she was when it came back.

Thanks for the reminder that we need to see the blessings around us.



Wonderful post, Kym.


I buried my Mom about 6 weeks ago with a bald head (well with a nice wig but you get what I mean!)So sad. Thanks for the great post - it's so true - we can't take anything for granted!


Oh Kym--I'm so glad you're here and healthy. I feel as if I've learned so much from you. You're right. We need to count our blessings and be grateful for time. Thanks for all you give us.


Thank you for a great and thoughtful post -- have a terrific thanksgiving!

PS I'm trying to express my thankfulness for one thing each day on facebook - you reminded me that I've forgotten hair. How luxurious to be taking it for granted!


Lovely post and a cute photo of you! My sister's hair changed when it grew back in after chemo, but, like you, she's glad to have it.

My husband's best friend from high school days is still with us after being diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma over twelve years ago. Hope you'll be around at least as long!


We all need reminders....and you do it...perfectly.

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