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On Portobello Road

Anyone remember this movie scene . . . from Disney's 1971 classic "Bedknobs & Broomsticks"?

This movie came out when I was in 6th grade.  I remember seeing this movie in the theatre -- but keeping my head down, in case any of my peers would spot me at a Disney show.  I was at that . . . awkward age.  Too old for Disney, and eager to go see "Love Story" instead.  But.  Disney it was.  Anyway, I never really liked the movie (probably an adolescent automatic-aversion to anything Disney), but I always liked the Portobello Road scene.  I was a dancer, and I liked watching dance scenes in movies --- so I could try to steal the steps!

Anyway.  It was fun to visit Portobello Road, live, in London!  Let me tell you -- it's so much cooler, and so much more colorful, than it is in the movie (even though there were no street dancers!) . . . but, the movie-song was right about one thing -- "you'll find what you're wanting on Portobello Road!"

London trip 452 

It's antique shop heaven!  From the established shops. . .

London trip 414 

London trip 454 

. . . to street vendors, antiques rule on Portobello Road!

London trip 450 

At least, until you get to the market!  Then, Portobello Road becomes a farmer's market, mixed in with some souvenir stands, oh. . . with a little "world market" flair!

London trip 429 

London trip 431 

London trip 438 

And all of this is mixed in with charming shops!  Some shops are famous and well-known, like. . .

London trip 421 

Books for Cooks has a demonstration kitchen and restaurant in the back!  Their cookbook selection is incredible. . .

London trip 425 

And, look!  It's the Travel Bookshop from the movie "Notting Hill"!  We checked out the inside -- it looks just like it does in the movie.  Without Hugh Grant, though. . .

London trip 446 

The Hummingbird Bakery!  It's as charming as it is sweet.

And some shops are not so famous, but equally charming.  Like. . .

London trip 426

An optician!

London trip 432 


London trip 449 

Bike shops!  (This one is for you, Jessica.)

I didn't find any yarn shops, but I did find a couple of wonderful Scottish woolen shops that specialize in cashmere goods.  No photos -- the cashmere fumes put me into a bout of camnesia.  But I did come home with a scarf and gloves.

London treats 004 

Anyway, Portobello Road has something for everyone! 

London trip 409 

You'll definitely . . . "find what you're wanting on Portobello Road!"


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Portobello Road looks colorful, wonderful and big!


Hey thanks for thinkin of me! When Mom and I go back I'll be certain to check out any/all bike shops possible :)

Diana Troldahl

I like the Disney movies a lot more since I grew up, well, sort of grew up.

You photos make me want to move to London!
How fun to shop there every weekend!


I really enjoyed your trip. Thank you for sharing it.

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