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I didn't knit a stitch during my travels to London.  Not a stitch.  This was as close as I got to any yarn (except for my pilgrimage to Liberty, of course):

London trip 269 

But I'm back on track with my knitting, now that I'm home.  I'm working on sweater #12 (my Ravelry link) for NaKniSweMoDo. . . and it's. . . meh.  Okay.

Hangin on the telephone 003 

The pattern is "Ode to Picasso" from Kristin Nicholas' book, Kristin Knits.  Like most of Kristin's sweater patterns, this one is a basic box shape.  With Kristin, it's all about the colors and textures --- not so much about the shape.  Which makes this a perfect knit for . . . talking on the phone.  Or watching tv.  Or sitting through a seminar.

Because no one has posted this sweater on Ravelry yet, this is the best look at the finished product you can get right now.

Hangin on the telephone 001 

I actually cast on for this sweater earlier this year -- like in January, I think.  I always have one "basic" project laying around that I can pick up and work on while I talk on the phone (between talking to my mom, my sister, or my daughter, that time really adds up for me!).  It has to be something that I don't have to pay much attention to --- no pattern repeats, no complicated color changes, no counting whatsoever.  This pattern really fills the bill!

But I'm giving it much more attention these days.  I want to finish it up soon.  Because I'm getting the itch to knit hats and mittens and shawls.  Actually, I have the itch to knit Not-Sweaters right now.  (Well, that was the case until the new Twist came out.  I'm smitten with a few of the new sweater patterns there.)

So. . . somebody call me, huh?  I'm. . . hanging on the telephone. . . and need to finish this sweater!


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denise copeland

Have not had an opportunity to comment on your last pictures of your trip but would like to add this: LOVED all of them. Of the favorites, the high, sky line perspective. I don't think I would every be able to do that myself as I am a little uncomfortable with heights. Elevators with glass make me want to sit down on the floor. So far I have resisted the temptation. I noticed that everyone in the "Eye" was standing, and I think that is an incredible act of bravery.

I loved the Portobello Road images partly because my favorite fabric line in the world is Three Sister's Portobello Market (by Moda). Your images and their fabric line are perfectly in synch.

And finally - thought you might enjoy this...Anne Hanson has an interview with Kristin Nichols regarding her new book on color (which I believe you had previously written about). (www.knitspot.com) I think your Picasso will be incredibly versatile. I can see it becoming a favorite.

Thank you for the Twist links - was not aware it was out.


I'm so obsessed with the polar chullo from Twist! The yarn for it is just beginning to arrive but I have to wait until I finish some holiday projects. Hope you finish your project soon!


I like Kristin Nicholas because of the color. Now I have another reason to love her patterns -- mindless. Perfect for me ;^)


Look at it this way, that sweater, WHEN you get it done, will be one that you will wear all the time. It has that oh so cozy look about it. I did laugh when I clicked on one of your Twist favorites and it was another blue and white stripe, so much like what you are currently knitting. Hey, get it done! Blue stripes are your thing!

I am so in love with all the beautiful colors Kristen pairs together! One day...

Off to get some rest for the New Moon premiere tonight. I am SOOOOOOO nuts staying up til 2 in the morning so my kids can go to the big event! Then I have to have one of my daughters at the hospital at 9 in the morning for hand surgery! JOY!!!!!!

Diana Troldahl

I call that my TV knitting. Heaven for me some days is miles of semi-simple knitting and my Stargate DVDs :-}


The simplest sweaters can become our favorites. It looks warm and cozy. Good for you in getting 12 sweaters finished!


Phone projects are essential, aren't they? My college-attending daughter calls daily and sometimes we talk for an hour or more.

My hat's off to you for knitting all that garter stitch! For me, garter stitch is a slow, slogging stitch. Do you have a secret for knitting it quickly?

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