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Hanging on the Telephone

Soundtrack time. . .

Okay, so the lyrics of this song don't have a thing to do with the look of this sweater.  Not a thing.  Except.  Most of this sweater was knit while. . . hanging on the telephone.

Hanging on the telephone 001e 

I don't like to just . . . sit around.  I always have a simple, basic project going on -- so I can knit while I'm on the phone, or while I watch tv, or while I wait.  And, with time, those stitches add up. 

Hanging on the telephone 009

This sweater is perfect "phone-knitting."  It's miles and miles (and miles. . .) of garter stitch, with no shaping at all (except on the sleeves, and even there, it's very basic).   No thinking required!  The pattern is Ode to Picasso by Kristin Nicholas -- found in her book Kristin Knits.  My Ravelry link is here.  I started this sweater last January, and only worked on it in while I had "idle hands" . . . until the last couple of weeks, when I gave it my full attention.

Hanging on the telephone 008 

I used Kristin Nicholas' "Julia" line of yarn, which had been in my stash for a very, very long time.  This is really lovely yarn -- a mix of wool, alpaca, and mohair.  It's nice to work with, and blocks up so nicely.  (These photos show the sweater unblocked.)

This sweater is heavy and warm, and should be handy when the temperature dips.  The fit is very. . . boxy.  Not terribly flattering --- but practical -- more like a sweatshirt.  

And. . . maybe best of all. . . this was Sweater #12 in the NaKniSweMoDo countdown!  I can finally. . . hang up!


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Diana Troldahl

Love how it turned out! I am unable to wear boxily constructed sweaters, the difference between my bottom measurement and top measurement means the shoulder seam hangs round about my elbow, but I love designing them, and I love how they look on other folks :-}

denise copeland

It’s lovely, and congratulations on knitting TWELVE sweaters in twelve months! And in the process it looks like you have had a great deal of fun. I don’t think that it gets much better than that!


Congratulations on NaKniSweMoDo!! It looks great on you! My favorite, wear 'em 'til they're in shreds (and then just a little bit more) sweaters have always been the boxy ones -- comfy, no matter what you're doing. And stripes... horizontal. Love them, even though I shouldn't. I am reminded a little bit of my favorite Greg Brady sweater -- you know the one?


Great sweater! It looks to me like the kind of thing a person would wear to death. That's a good thing; it means that it is the one you grab most often.


You did it!! It looks so warm and cozy and I hope you enjoy wearing!


Question.... will there be a new KAL for 2010? If so where when and how do I sign up?!
The sweater will surely be one you grab again and again... and don't say it's no flattering! You look MA'velous!!


Great sweater! I wouldn't say it's unflattering -- just comfy looking. Way to use that phone time ;-)


Oh I think this sweater IS flattering! It looks so comfy and cozy; definitely one that would be worn a lot!

I'm rereading Elizabeth Zimmermann's book, Knitting Without Tears, and this reminds me of something she would knit! I love that woman's humor and her fun with knitting. One can't help but pick up the needles after reading her stuff!

Also huge congratulations on finishing your 12 months of sweaters. That must feel really good! (I personally avoid the phone like the plague)

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