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Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  It has all my favorite elements. . . family, tradition, good food, hearty red wine, nice table settings, a fire in the fireplace. . .but none of the rush-and-pressure of Christmas.  This has been a particularly "thankful" year for me.  Join me next week. . . as I count my blessings. . . in a Thanksgiving countdown.



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Diana Troldahl

I'm with you.


A lovely sentiment for the approaching Holiday. We're going non-traditional this year, but Thanksgiving isn't just about the food...its about family, embracing love and being grateful. Looking forward to you posts next week.


I can't wait to hear your list. It's such a nice thing to do. If you want to join a few other people for the Ten on Tuesday crowd - a few people are going to do 10 people (real or fictional) that you'd like to invite to Thanksgiving dinner.


I look forward to reading your list!


I'm giving thanks for all of your London postings. Somehow I missed the last 4 -- they didn't pop up in Ravelry. Wonderful photos, wonderful memories. I think I need to start planning, it has been years... Hope your soreness goes away soon!

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