What's Been There All Along
Giving Thanks


It is so easy, in our consumer-driven society, to want more, More, MORE.  More time.  More energy.  More stuff.  More everything.  When counting my blessings, though, I know I have . . . enough.


Enough . . . sustenance.  I have easy access to well-stocked and convenient grocery stores and farmer's markets.  My refrigerator and pantry are overflowing.  I have the proper tools for preparing good and nourishing meals.  My family sits down to dinner together nearly every night.  We are never hungry.

Enough. . . comfort.  My home is warm and cozy.  It's full of things I love, and it's easy to relax and rest there.  A fire in the fireplace, curled up in a cozy chair, with some knitting.  Or a book.  And a glass of wine.  I can kick back and recharge with my favorite things.

Enough. . . variety.  I have 4 seasons, over 300 channels, a Netflix subscription, 2,578 songs on my iPod, a library full of books, a closet full of yarn, friends near and far, activities I enjoy, and a never-ending list of ideas to try.  Life is never dull.

Enough. . . information.  I can find almost anything - quickly - online.  I can find obscure answers to a crossword puzzle, or a pattern for mittens.  I can pay my bills, or find last night's hockey highlights.  I can do my Christmas shopping, or check in with my daughter.  It's so easy to find what I'm looking for.

Enough. . . freedom.  To decide what I want to do.  And where.  And with whom.  To go where I want.  To think what I want.  To speak freely.  To choose. 

Fall decor 001 

I have enough. . . of what I need.  



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Very nice. You could say we have it all. Love your new photo.


Excellent post.


My mom had those very same pilgrim people candles. It made me nostolgic when I saw them and just a bit teary eyed...

Diana Troldahl

What's the old saying? 'Enough is as good as a feast.' :-}


This is a perfect entry. I've printed it! Many thanks--and have a happy day tomorrow, Kym!


Enough is a perfect way to feel about this season. May your Thankgiving weekend be full of joy, good food and love.


I had to take a moment in the midst of crazy cleaning, decorating, shopping, cooking, carting kids to work and back, etc... to check out your blog. It made me take a deep breath and realize, hey, slow down. It will all get done, and if it doesn't, who really cares. As long as we have SOMETHING to put in our mouths (which we DEFINITELY will have much, much more than we need) and somewhere to sit and hang out, who really cares! We have SO much to thank the Lord above for! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving.


Wonderful post.


Lovely post.
It reminds me that I have enough...
of almost everything. Not enough time though :-) so many things to knit in the next 29 days!

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