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Jenny, here.  Bringing you a blog post.  Why?  Because my Alpha-Mom is too dang lazy to do one herself today.  In fact, she says she's just going to sit and knit.  All day.  Because she is Worn Out, and full of cranberries.

I thought I'd tell you what Thanksgiving looks like from a dog's perspective.  It looks like. . . wishful thinking.

Thanksgiving 023e 

I mean, the smells in this house have been insane for days.  There was the brining process.  They know I love turkey.

Thanksgiving 006 

And the chopping and cooking.  Going on all the time.  They know I love apples.

Thanksgiving 009

And then, there was the table bursting with food.  All at nose level.  They know I love this stuff.

Thanksgiving 012 

And Erin waved a turkey leg around. . . right where I could smell it. 

Thanksgiving 020e 

I had to be hyper-vigilant for the whole meal.  I mean, you never know when something might drop!  (I'm telling you, no one needed to vacuum the dining room floor after dinner.)

Thanksgiving 025 

It was such a relief when the food was put away and I got some turkey for myself.  And a little pumpkin pie (that was my own doing; I mean, it was just sitting there. . . unattended).  I collapsed when the whole family gathered to watch "The Muppets Christmas Carol." 

Apparently, this is a time-honored tradition from waaaaaay back (before my time).  It's a bit obnoxious -- because the whole family says all the good lines along with the movie.  (And there are no dogs in it.  I think it would be better if the Muppets were more dog-friendly.)

Today, though, I am celebrating.  I had no idea that we black labs had a day all our own!  Black Friday!  I think it might mean that I'm in for another piece of pumpkin pie!



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Happy Thanksgiving Kim, looks like a lovely time was had by all.

We also love Muppets Christmas Carol - in fact C has it on her Christmas list as one of the must haves for Uni.


Looks like you had a great day!


Way too funny, Erin! You have a lot of the same silliness your Mom has! That's a great thing!

Tell your Mom to have a blast being lazy and knitting! Sounds like a plan to me!!

We enjoyed Erin's guest "appearance"!


Good Lord I love that dog! I don't know if you've read "the are of racing in the rain" ... but if not... IT's a MUST read! Enjoy the holidays :)


Love your lab! We have a black dog as well--a Scottie. She's too little to get her nose even close to the table but she watched underneath for spills. So glad you had a happy day!


Erin Mulhern

I love that picture of Jenny! So much!! And that turkey leg was delicious. I miss it.

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