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On Color Watch

I know that Friday Means Mind Candy here at Stepping Away From the Edge, BUT with fall's arrival, I decided to do something a little different on Fridays.  I love the changing fall colors, and my very own neighborhood tends to explode with color right before my eyes.  So, each Friday I'm going to share views of the trees I can see from my house.  It'll be . . . a color watch!

Here are what the trees look like today. . . looking across the street from my front porch. . .

Color Watch 0924 001

And looking down the street from my driveway. . .

Color Watch 0924 003

And the view of my neighbor's house from the slider door in my basement (the view from my computer). . .

Color Watch 0924 004

As you can see, the "performers" are just warming up!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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denise copeland

These trees are just glorious!! I am looking forward to seeing the fall changes. (We have just a little bit of fall color.)


What a great idea! I look forward to your Friday posts even more now.


So pretty and everything is so green!

Happy Friday!


Beautiful! I'm so glad to be back home in Michigan in time for the colors! Looking forward to your Friday updates!


Love this idea and will look forward to Fridays!!

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