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Unlike knitting, where there is a distinct line separating the "work-in-progress" from the "finished object," gardening is a continual process.  Change is constant when it comes to gardening!   That said, my big summer gardening project is pretty much complete.  As complete as a gardening project ever "is." 

This particular gardening project began last winter, when I started dreaming about what I wanted to do in my backyard.  When everything is frozen, and the sun has disappeared, and there is so much snow that you're just hungry to see grass or dirt . . .  well, that's when I start my serious garden dreaming.  By summer, the scheming was in full swing -- and I was ready to put my plan to paper.  THIS is what I wanted . . .

Garden design process back bed 002

And THIS is what I got . . .

Finished product 008

It's not quite "there" yet, but I'm pleased.  If you kind of squint your eyes and imagine. . . the plantings with a year's growth (and blooms), a swing in the pergola, and some hanging plants . . . you can see what I dreamed up.  And by planting now - in the fall - I'm getting a head-start on spring.  These new plants will set their roots and pull up nourishment in time for the long winter ahead.  And, come spring, their growth will be amazing!  Fall is actually a great time to plant a new mixed border.  You can take advantage of sales for new plants (just be careful -- not all sale plants are healthy plants!), you can mix bulbs right in as you go, and you can transplant and divide plants you already have from other areas of your garden.  (Just yesterday I "rescued" 6 astilbes who were hiding under an overgrown brunnera -- and I planted them on the far right side of the pergola.  They're going to be so much happier!)

It's satisfying to go from this. . .

Garden design process back bed 006

to this. . .

Scale Drawing 001

to this. . .

Garden design process 001

to this. . .

Rototilling the new bed 003

to this. . .

Raising the pergola 001

to this!

Finished product 001

Dreams. . . to schemes. . . to making it real!


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What a lovely and inviting back yard! Well done. But I think you need a path or walkway that leads to the pergola. You know, just so it doesn't sit there all empty and lonely...


Watching your garden grow is going to be such a fun process!

denise copeland

I love the little rolling hills that you have that sets off the curve of the bedding area and the pergola. And I imagine that the rolling hills were somewhat of a challenge during construction of the pergola. i bet the pergola was more challenging to construct that what the finished pictures depict. This is a lovely spot and will be so interesting during the different seasons.

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