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Cookin' Up Treats

Our dog, Jenny, is One Spoiled Dog.

More Jenny and the Chicken 008 

Past posts have shown Jenny going on special outings and playing in the lake.  But she has plenty of fun just hanging out at home, too.  She gets lots of playtime in the backyard.

Jenny at play aug 09 017 

Look at her go!  She loves to chase "flying" toys of any kind!  (Although the Chicken remains her favorite plaything. . .)

Jenny at play aug 09 020 

She gets a daily 2-mile walk with me.  (And if I haven't put on my walking shoes by about 5:00 in the afternoon. . . she gets pretty agitated . . . and starts to give me "gentle reminders" that shout HEY! LET'S GO!)

Spoiled dog 021

And Jenny likes to eat "treats."  Of any kind.  Dog treats and people treats.  It's hard to find a food that Jenny doesn't like (well, except celery. . . but she thought it was a worthy toy anyway!).

Me and jenny 003 

So, when I saw this book on the clearance table at Barnes & Noble, I bought it! 

Spoiled dog 003 

I mean, if you're going to spoil your dog. . . you might as well go all the way!  So yesterday, Jenny and I busied ourselves . . . cookin' up some treats!

First, we made Beef Crunchies.

Spoiled dog 001 

This recipe couldn't be easier!  Basically, you just cut up some lean beef, and then bake it at low heat for a very, very long time (3 hours!).  The smell of slow-cooking meat nearly drove Jenny crazy!  She laid right next to the oven for her nap!  Then, we mixed up some Basic Dog Cookies.

Spoiled dog 008 

It's kind of funny to mix up "cookie dough" with . . . chicken broth!  I really like knowing what is IN Jenny's treats, though.  I like knowing there are "real" ingredients like whole wheat flour and oats and carrots and cheese. . . instead of unknown filler and "parts" that are in the dog treats I purchase at the pet store.  Again, the key to baking dog cookies is low heat and a long time in the oven.  The cookies were hard as rocks by the time they came out of the oven and "dried out" overnight!

The finished products. . .

Spoiled dog 025 

got Jenny's mouth-watering approval!

Spoiled dog 028 

I need to store these treats up high in the cupboard!  Jenny has been known to eat through plastic. . .


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denise copeland

Hey Kym,
I bake and cook for my girls, too! I use the book, "Cooking the Three Dog Bakery Way." I use their Original Biscuit recipe which includes flour, rolled oats, baking powder, canola oil, honey and skim milk. They are delicious - I know because I eat them, too. The aroma is incredible and they are wonderful! They bake up more like semi-moist (people) biscuits.
Many years ago (before the melamine catastrophe) I read about how dog food is manufactured - since then they get home cooked food... chicken and rice that I cook in the rice steamer with chicken stock and vegetables. They also get a multi-vitamin. They love it and let me know when it is meal time. I know they are getting the best nutrition possible. It provides me with a great deal of peace of mind.

denise copeland

Oops, almost forgot... one of the reasons that I like the semi-moist dog biscuit recipe (beside the fact that I can eat them too) is that two of my girls don't have any teeth. The manufactured dog biscuits are impossible for them to eat. I don't think the other girls miss the crunch...

Erin Mulhern

AWWW! So cute! I miss you guys a lot. You might want to store them under lock and key though. Not only has Jenny been known to eat through plastic, but she has been known to climb as well. :D


Now you've done it. Once you start cooking for your dogs, they expect it all the time.

I agree with you about feeling better when you know exactly what's in your pet's food. So much better than just trusting some company.

And she's a beautiful girl.

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