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Making it Real

Collecting the Evidence

I like wine.  I sip a glass . . . or two. . . every night.

Wall o corks 016

I save the corks.  I like the look and feel of them.  They're substantial!

Wall o corks 013

They're clever!  Some are like little works of art.

Wall o corks 007

They're souvenirs!  Reminders of trips, events, celebrations, and bottles of wine you just really liked.

Wall o corks 004

Over time, my cork collection has grown.  It filled several large, glass containers.  It started to get a little ridiculous.

Wall o corks 015

What do you DO with all of those corks?  Inspired by my friend, Sandie, who covered the ceiling of her wet  bar/butler's pantry with corks (SO cool!), I decided to create a Wall of Corks.  Not only would it look cool, but it could be a functional "cork board", too!

As usual, I called on my Dad -- The Mastermind -- to help me translate my idea into reality.  He installed it yesterday!

Wall o corks 014

Each cork -- and there are over 300 -- is cut in half (so there are over 600 half-corks on the wall!).  Now, in fairness, not all of the corks were from me.  My Dad contributed some of his own.  But . . . well, most of them were mine.  Tom puts it this way:  my Wall of Cork represents over $3,000 in wine consumed!!!

Wall o corks 001

Thanks, Dad!  I love it!