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The Greens of Summers

I'm back to my sweater knitting.  It did me a world of good to take a little break -- clear my head, so to speak -- with a couple of shawls.  Now I'm ready for the last three sweaters of the year. First up is Kodachrome.

Kodachrome Beginning 001

They give us those nice bright colors. . .

Kodachrome 001

They give us the greens of summers. . .

The pattern is Tempest by Ann Weaver of Weaverknits.  I've wanted to knit Tempest since it first appeared in Knitty in the spring of 2008.  It got buried in the disaster that is my queue, though, for a very long time.  The pattern intriqued me because I love using sock yarn for something other than socks (I Lost that Loving Feeling for socks long ago. . .), and I love stripes, and I love playing with color. 

I'm excited about knitting a Weaverknits pattern. . . because I know Weaverknits' Mom . . . and she is a Great Woman!  My daughter had Weaverknits' Mom for an English teacher and forensics coach back in the Dark and Dreary Days of Middle School.  Weaverknits' Mom was a true beacon for my daughter in those times (big sigh. . .), and she will always be held in my Highest Esteem.  (Hugs to you, Mrs. Weaver!)

I'm really pleased with this one so far.  The knitting is going quickly.  I'm sure that, technically speaking, it has to do with the gauge (big needles, little yarn), but I like to think it's the striping.  I'm always so dang charmed by striping.

Makes you think all the world's a sunny day. . .

Kodachrome 003 

Oh, yeah!

PS -- In other news, yesterday, as I was catching up on blog reading, I discovered that my blog-friend Karen (famously Bad Bill's Mother-in-Law!) had given me a blog award!  I'm so excited. . . because I never "win" anything!  Thanks Karen!  I so appreciate your kind thoughts and words.  



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Tempest is one of the best sweater designs I've ever knit and the fit is perfection. Love your Kodachrome colors!


That's going to be a lovely Tempest! Awesome.

Kay - From the Back Yard

I look forward to seeing the finished cardigan. Looks great so far!

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