Tangled Up

Another post that needs a soundtrack. . . Click in and let it play while you read on!

I finished my Feather Duster shawl before I left for Chicago last week.  I didn't get a chance to block it until I returned home, and then the weather turned stormy and rainy so I couldn't take pictures right away.

Tangled Up in Blue 012 

I needed a break from all my sweater-knitting, and I'd had this shawl in my queue since it first came out (earlier this summer).  I even had the yarn (Schulana Kid Seta) already.  When Margene began an August Feather Duster Knit-a-Long, I was all in!

Tangled Up in Blue 008 

This one knit up quickly!  The pattern - by Susan Lawrence - is well-written and very clear.  The pattern is simple -- but looks so elegant.  And I'm such a sucker for mohair!  So light . . . kind of like wearing a warm layer of air!

Tangled fini front 

I had thought about adding more repeats to make the shawl larger, but in the end, just decided to keep it at the dimensions called for in the pattern.  I think I'll use this more like a scarf anyway, so I don't really need to have it bigger.

Tangled fini back 

And this shawl ended up doing its job perfectly!  It provided the sweater-distraction I so desperately needed!  I worked through my NaKniSweMoDo obsession, and now I'm ready to tackle my last three sweaters of 2009.  But that's for another post.

Tangled Up in Blue 005 

The only thing I knew how to do was to keep on keepin' on. . . like a bird that flew. . .

tangled up in blue. . .


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denise copeland

It is gorgeous! I love the size - I think you could wear it with so many different things. It is so graceful!



I have to admit TUiB is one of my favorite Dylan tunes. Love Feather Duster in blue. It's perfect...perfect size, perfect color, perfectly beautiful on you!


It looks ethereal!


Tangled up in blue - indeed! wonderful!


Oh my gosh, that's the word~ETHEREAL! I was thinking before I read that word that it looked like a cloud floating by, and then ethereal just says it all!!! Heavenly!


awesome! I love the color and the fuzziness in the lace pattern. enjoy :-)


hi! your blog is pretty good and i would like to know if you can install some kind of translator
because i 1dont know anything of english.. thank you very much!

ps: my daughter wrote this for me



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