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Soft Landing

I'm generally an organized person.  I use a planner.  I make lists.  I prioritize.  I Get Things Done.  But.  Every once in while, things really get away from me and I feel a little . . . untethered.

View from the driveway 003 

Last night, this balloon came into view.  Lovely, free-floating, colorful.  But also . . . way up there!  I started thinking about it as a metaphor for my current state of mind.  I'm in a good place.  I'm happy.  I'm just kind of floating along in my own blue sky.  But. I'm also feeling a bit . . . flighty.  I need to ground myself again, feel in control of my schedule, tie up some loose ends, focus.  (Shoot, I just need to wade through the laundry room and head to the grocery store on a regular basis!)

It's been a busy summer.  This week is going to be busy, too.  But next week?  School starts.  Structure begins.  I'll be able to make a soft landing then!


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hi Kym!

I'd love to have you knit this one! You're a fab tester. Am thinking I may make another as I go, too and test knit along with you. Worked on some notes this weekend and hope to have something written by next week that can be worked off of! Thanks so much...


As we move into fall it seems a good time to tie up loose ends and catch up with the busyness of the past few months. Come on fall!

Diana Troldahl

During those floaty times it's a great chance to get a new perspective on things.
The views can be fantabulous!


That's a really cool picture. Yay awesome camera!


Great way to describe my state of mind lately as well ~ I think it calls for a KAL! A unified front to begin a certain 'long standing' wip ~ The college blankie! What do ya say?!

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