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Before starting in with today's post, I want to do a little "public service announcement."  Get the colonoscopy!  Yeah, it's a "PigPen Thing" -- just the thought of it sucks the fun right out of the day.  The "prep" is pretty miserable (although you can knit!), but you're under "waking sedation" during the actual procedure, so you don't feel a thing -- and you're blissfully unaware of what's going on "back there."  The hardest thing for me was drinking only clear liquids for the 24 hours before the procedure (apparently white wine does not count as a clear liquid. . .).  So, don't delay.  As Susan so poignantly explained in her comment yesterday, early detection is what it's all about.  The colonoscopy, like the mammogram, is a screen you don't want to put off.  (And, when it's over, the PigPeg cloud disappears!)

And now, on with our regularly scheduled blog post!

Denison University

My dining room is a total mess.  It is the "staging area" for my daughter's back-to-school move.  At this point, the room is filled with crates, books, lamps, a bookshelf, a printer, a tv and DVD player, various cords, random posters, and more books (she's an English lit major. . . ).  Yep, on Saturday our little caravan will head back to Ohio, transporting Erin - and her stuff - to Denison for her junior year!

Erin Collage It has been wonderful having Erin home for the summer with us.  Well. . . except for the sibling squabbles. . . and the shoes (how many Rocket Dogs can one person own?).  I know it's been a lonely summer for Erin -- she came home, but that means she left her college friends behind; and many of her old high school friends are just not around anymore.  She ended up hanging out with Tom and I alot more than usual, and we all enjoyed that!  

When Erin leaves, I adjust.  But I miss being able to talk to her - in person - whenever I feel like it.  I miss her elaborate stories (she was born a storyteller).  I miss her antics (trust me, it's hard to imagine that anyone doing a summer internship at a law office could have more adventures-at-the-jail than Erin).  I miss her music (Erin is a vocal performance minor and practices her arias every day; what a treat!).  I miss her at yoga.  I miss her laughter and her zest for . . . everything!  

That said, I'm also thrilled with the adult she is becoming!  It's been a delight to watch her grow and learn and become independent over the last few years.  She blossoms more and more each year.  What more could a mom want?

Chicago with Erin Aug 09 014 v2

So, Erin, here's my advice to you, as you begin your junior year:

  1. Study hard
  2. Challenge yourself - bite off more than you can chew (and then chew it!)
  3. Eat smartly, try to exercise a little, get enough sleep, take your vitamins, and wash your hands frequently (sorry - I'm a mom. . . I can't help myself!)
  4. Have fun with your friends 
  5. Believe in yourself
  6. Start the day with a sun salutation -- and remember the value of sinking into child's pose whenever things get a little tense
  7. Stand tall
  8. Be gentle with yourself
  9. Find the good in other people
  10. Be the fruit loop in the box of cheerios!
Things will be a lot quieter around here. . . but we know you're just where you belong!


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What a wonderful Mom you are, and what a beautiful daughter you have (the whole package, not just looks). Tell her to get an H1N1 flu shot, too!


You have quite the daughter. With the support and love you've given her she can become anything!


We have loved watching our Miss Erin grow into the independent young lady she is today and we know she couldn't have done this without her very supportive parents. We are so proud of all of you. It was fun visiting with Erin this summer and now we will just have to wait for Thanksgiving to see her again.


What wonderful, wonderful things to say to your daughter I've just read them to my daughter who is also setting out on her first year at University and they suit her too.


She is lovely... and the apples don't fall far from the trees ;)

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