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Our dog, Jenny, loves water.  Truly and absolutely.  She's a great swimmer.

Swim Jenny

She loves being on the water with us. . .

Cottage July 09 123

And has no qualms about jumping right in!

Jump Jenny

Her retriever instincts really kick in at the lake.  She loves to retrieve objects -- and is especially fond of flotation cushions!  Jenny will retrieve these cushions all day (as long as we keep throwing them out in the water). . . and just keep stacking them up on the beach.

Cottage July 09 099

On occasion, she has also retrieved floating rafts right out from under floating family members.  That doesn't work so well.  They lose air pretty quickly!

Cottage July 09 059

Jenny is a great companion at the lake!  But when she gets out of the water. . .

Shake jenny

We all get . . . waterdogged!


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What a wonderful photo essay of your Jenny at the lake. The photo of her jumping in the water is great and when she shakes off, I want to take cover.


I absolutely LOVED this post - the photographs and the alongside comments brought out Jenny's personality perfectly!

denise copeland


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