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Taking the Macro View

I've reached that point in the gardening season where my "should haves" really stand out.  As in. . . I should have divided those hostas.  I should have replaced that ailing butterfly bush.  I should have planned for more color in mid-summer.   Other garden problems are cropping up about now, too.  The dreaded Japanese beetles have arrived.  Many of my containers are fading.  It's clear that one of my perennial beds needs to be renovated (STAT!).  Some of my roses are suffering from black spot.

My garden "to-do" list is about a mile long.

Rather than get discouraged, though, I decided to take the macro view -- and look at the beauty of individual blooms, rather than the big picture.


My daisies are starting to look a bit bedraggled. . . but the bees are happy!


The nasturtiums have absolutely taken over the herb garden this year. . . but they add a bright spot of color to an area devasted by the four-lined plant bug.

Stokes Aster

My Stokes asters are decidedly thinner this season than in years past. . . but a single bloom catches the sun in a pretty cool way!


Weeds are cropping up everywhere, including this unknown and unwanted viney thing growing up my fence. . . but sometimes weeds bring a little beauty of their own.

Cone Flower 

The purple coneflowers are creating havoc near my mailbox this year. . . but they will soon attract Monarch butterflies.

By taking the macro view, I can remind myself of the beauty of the plants around me . . . instead of being overwhelmed by my ever-lengthening garden "to-do" list! Even the Japanese beetle looks interesting under the macro lens!

Japanese Beetle 

Well.  Sort of.


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What colors! How beautiful nature is, looked at so close. Thank you for your photographs--seeing them was a great way to start the day!

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