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Summer Salsa

When my kids were younger, their summer vacation used to just wipe me out!  Hockey camp.  Theatre camp.  Music lessons.  Enrichment classes.  Swimming lessons.  The driving, alone, could send a mom over the edge!  Add to that the incessant "Moooooooooom. . . can I have a popsicle?"  "Mooooooooom. . . do we have any spare 2x4s?"  "Moooooooooom. . .can me and 24 of my friends make an obstacle course for our bikes through our yard?  It'd be really cool.  And we'd pick up."  Although we had a lot of fun, I was always one of those moms dancing a jig when the school bus drove off on the first day of school!

Now, their summer vacations look a lot different.  They manage their own schedules and activities.  They have their own cars.  I'm involved -- but only on the periphery.  They do, though, tend to take over my "space."  I might wander in to my kitchen to find that. . .

Erin Makes Pancakes

someone feels like pancakes. . .

or . . .

Erin and Mr. Bent 001

that we now have a fish!  Meet Mr. Bent (he's a bit misshapen. . .).  He'll be going back to school with Erin in a month (if he survives).

Erin and Mr. Bent 003

Yesterday, I discovered Brian and his girlfriend making salsa in my kitchen! 

Salsa 003

"Moooooooom. . . do we have any sharp knives?"  "Moooooooom. . . how do you cut garlic?"

Yep, the summer is different now, with older kids.  I get used to their goofy schedules, the tones their phones make when they receive text messages, the explosive sound of Call of Duty 4 resonating from the Xbox in the basement.  I'm delighted to have them home; to be part of their lives; to have us all together - as a family - for at least another summer.

Salsa 006 

And - bonus - I get really great salsa, too!


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sounds like fun. I've had my kids 24-7 for the entire summer so far in a foreign country. Calgon? I'll be ready for the schedules again next year!!


Your kids are beautiful. And the pancakes and salsa look delicious! Hope you got to share some. Happy summer days!


How wonderful your kids feel comfortable in the kitchen! Having salsa made by their hands is certainly a bonus!

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