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This weekend, it was all about the food!

Farmers Market July 25 2009 011

Tom and I visited the farmer's market on Saturday morning.  We always have a great time at the market. . . it's a feast for the eyes. . .

Farmers Market July 25 2009 005 

the bounty of Michigan is spread out before you. . .

Farmers Market July 25 2009 013

it's just a happy, upbeat place to hang out for awhile!

Farmers Market July 25 2009 014 

And even though Jenny has to stay at home, she is not forgotten!  One of my favorite booths at the market sells gourmet dog treats.  Jenny loves the banana bread biscuits -- you can see them in the far right display stand toward the back of the table.

Farmers Market July 25 2009 009

Then, on Saturday evening, Tom and I headed to the Taste of Kalamazoo downtown . . . where the main event, of course, is food!

Taste of Kzoo July 25 2009 006 

There was a feast for the eyes here, too, but it was a bit different than the farmer's market!  Here in the beer tent, for example, we caught our first glimpse of a Utilikilt worn in the wild!  (Based on the website descriptions, I believe the one we saw is the "Workman" style.)

Taste of Kzoo July 25 2009 001 

Mmmmmmm.  Lots of good food.  A great beer selection.  Michigan wines.  Music.  A pleasant evening outside.  I think my favorite of the evening was the burrito. . .

Taste of Kzoo July 25 2009 007 

or maybe the gyros. . .

Taste of Kzoo July 25 2009 012

but the curry was good, too!  Let's just say. . . I had a GREAT taste of Kalamazoo!

Then, on Sunday, I put some of my farmer's market purchases to work making The Barefoot Contessa's Peach Blueberry Crumble.

YUM nectarine and blueberry crisp 006 

YUM!  My taste buds are in overload!


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OH, WOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW! Cripes, it's dinner time. This is almost worse than going to the grocery store hungry. At least I have some salad already in the fridge, and some cold cooked fingerling potatoes...now to figure out the protein.... :)


Love the wonderful photos of your farmers' market. We've just had one start in Ada (Michigan)and I'm going to be a big buyer there for sure. Look at the berries at yours! And that crumble you made looks pretty darn good as well. I just finished dinner and I could still eat plenty o' that. Great blog, Kym!

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