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Last week, I explained my problem with lace.  This week, I am happy to proclaim. . . I have conquered!

Cinnamon Girl Fini 010

Here she is -- my Cinnamon Girl.  Named after the Neil Young song. 

Cinnamon Girl Fini 012

When I started using Ravelry to organize my knitting projects, connect with other knitters, and generally feed my addiction, I started to be more thoughtful about what to name my projects.  After a while, I settled on naming my projects after songs in my iPod playlist.  I'm often inspired by the color of the yarn, or the the style of the pattern, or the season, or even my mood.  But the project often. . . sings to me!

Cinnamon Girl Fini 006

I love my Cinnamon Girl!  The yarn is light and soft.  The pattern is great.  The fall colors are some of my favorites.  The lace is just lovely -- totally worth giving up wine for!  In fact. . . (as the song says). . . I could be happy the rest of my life with a Cinnamon Girl!

What next?  I'm swatching for Uhura, Connie Chang Chinchio's divine tank from the summer issue of the Twist Collective.  My Ravelry project link is here.  I'm calling it. . . Brown-Eyed Girl.

Brown eyed girl 006

Can you hear it?  Sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-dee-dah!


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denise copeland

Cinnamon Girl is glorious!

I love the lace edging - and she is masterfully blocked!!


Oh! Oh! Oh! I just looooooove your Cinnamon Girl too. Have put it as a "favorite" on Ravelry. The colors are to die for. I want to make one JUST LIKE IT!


We have the same taste in music. Your Cinnamon Girl is perfectly lovely!


Your shawl is just gorgeous! Perfect pairing of yarns and pattern.


she's beautiful!


Beautiful beautiful shawl!! and Uhura was my favorite pattern in Twist - looking forward to seeing yours!
We must be close to the same age - I can tell music wise!


OH WOW!!! Cinnnamon is a stunning lady for sure!!!!!!

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