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Up North

I'm headed Up North to our lake cottage for a week's vacation.


I've packed some books, my camera equipment, my iPod, some movies.  And my knitting, of course!

I'm hoping to finish up Daisy Jane (Heidi Kirrmaier's Buttercup pattern). . .

Daisy Jane 62116

. . . so I can get started on this!

Cinnamon Girl 008

 It's going to be Ulmus by Kirsten Kapur.

I have no internet connectivity Up North, so I won't be posting until I return.  Enjoy the 4th of July!  Hope you get to see some fireworks.


PS -- Even though I haven't been a fan for the last 25 years, I must say that Michael Jackson's death this week was jarring to the childhood Me.  As a little girl, I loved the Jackson 5 -- and when I was a bit older, I watched him carefully to try to "copy" his dance moves.  I've been listening to his music again over the last couple of days, and decided to share one last tribute!


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Love the Buttercup pattern -- I may need to make one of these!! The greeat thing is that you can use a bright color like your green because it is a fun summer knit.


Just found your very nice blog, as I was looking at ravelry this AM. I wish you much health and happiness on your journey. ENJOY!!

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