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The Watering Hole

This spring I added a "water feature" to my backyard garden. 

The Pond June 25 09 006

As with most of my gardening projects, it was a family affair.  Tom and Brian (with help from our foreign exchange student, Dominik) did the dirty work -- the digging and actual installation of the pond -- and I did the design and planting.

Now this is a tiny pond; in fact, it might be best described as a puddle.  But I am delighted.  The pond is right next to the patio, so I can sit (and sip wine. . .) and listen to the little fountain.  The sound of the water trickling is so nice! 

And I have two little fish!  Koi.  Brian and Dominik picked them up for me for Mother's Day -- before the pond was even settled in the ground.  If you look closely, you can see them feeding in this picture.  (Their names are Luda and Boo.)

The Pond June 25 09 012

Jenny sees them!  She likes to watch them swim around. . .

The Pond June 25 09 017

At first, I was afraid that Jenny might go IN the pond (she loves to swim. . .), but so far, she hasn't taken the plunge.  She leaps over the pond.  She steals rocks from the pond.  She watches the fish.  And she thinks the mini-birdbath is her outside watering dish!

The Pond June 25 09 003 

Jenny isn't the only one who thinks the pond is an excellent watering hole, though!  I've discovered that I've created a popular spot for the yellow jacket population!

Wasp Landing Pad June 24 002 

All day, there is a steady stream of yellow jackets, landing on my tiny lily pads -- eager for a sip.

Wasp Landing Pad June 24 003 

My little pond has brought a whole new dimension to my garden!

Bottoms up!


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I love the sound of trickling water. What a pretty spot!

denise copeland

I love all the photos but especially appreciate the last one with the yellow jacket on his/her personal water vehicle. I love how the colors of the yellow jacket coordinate with the lily pad. And the reflected images in the water are glorious!

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