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The Hockey Mom

My son, Brian, is a hockey player.  So that makes me . . . a Hockey Mom.


That's him.  Number 11.  Delivering a punishing blow during a high school game last year.

Hockey is a sport that takes a lot of time and commitment -- from the player and from the family.  Lots of driving.  Lots of travel.  Lots of practice.  Lots of games.  Lots of equipment.  Lots of laundry.  In the early years, it meant lots of knitting time in cold rinks in uncomfortable seats with other Hockey Moms.  Hockey Moms develop a special camaraderie when their players are young.  You are actually in the locker rooms, getting your kids geared up/down for practices and games.  You develop a special intimacy as you sort through tiny shin pads and helmets and jocks together!  Thankfully, just as the players start to develop that . . . stink. . . and begin to talk like they're IN a locker room. . . they can take care of their own gearing up/down, and we Hockey Moms just shift to driving, watching, waiting, and laundry.

Champs in chaos

Brian at 9, when his team won a tournament.  The Hockey Moms were ecstatic!  (Brian is on the very far left here.)

Hockey is also a sport that never ends.  The season just goes on. . . and on. . . and on. . .  There's Summer Hockey, and Fall Hockey, and the "Regular Season", of course, and Playoffs, and then there's even Spring Hockey.  Much of it is optional, of course.  But not really.  Because hockey is. . . all about the ice time!


So, last night I pulled into an all-too-familiar parking lot. 

Summer hockey june 18 001 

Summer Hockey has begun! 

But this Hockey Mom doesn't knit at the rink anymore.  First of all, the games are pretty exciting at this level.  Second, I don't have to wait around anymore.  And, third, the rink has a bar!

Summer hockey june 18 005

It also really hit me last night.  Brian will be a senior this year.  It's his last year for competitive hockey.  That means. . . it's my last year to be a Hockey Mom.


I'm going to savor every moment!


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I had no idea hockey was a year round sport. Sounds like you really enjoy being a hockey mom. Best of luck to Brian's team this summer!


If he plays in college, won't you still get to be a Hockey Mom?

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