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I've practiced yoga for many years, and I love it!  Yoga makes me strong and flexible and balanced.  It  gives me a sense of confidence about what my body can DO, which has been especially important to me as I heal from the physical effects of chemo.  Yoga also brings me a certain sense of peace and wellness, which is particularly helpful as I deal with the emotional effects of cancer.  I felt so betrayed by my body when I was diagnosed with lymphoma, and yoga is helping me get over that; to begin to trust my body again.  I do yoga twice a week -- and I get pretty grumpy if my schedule aligns in such a way that I have to miss. 

But is there a . . . yoga look?

Yoga Flier 001

A couple of days ago I was grocery shopping -- just weekly shopping; up and down the aisles of the store with my list in hand.  After my groceries were loaded up in my car, and I was just about to back out of my parking space, I noticed the woman in the car next to me frantically gesturing to get my attention.  When I unrolled my window, she said, "You look like you do yoga!"  And then she handed me a flier about an upcoming yoga workshop, and shared many of the details with me -- through our open car windows.

You look like you do yoga!  Huh?  My mind immediately tried to figure out how she could have guessed. I wasn't dressed in yoga attire, and I wasn't wearing my namaste t-shirt, so I went through a mental inventory. . .   Had I absentmindedly been doing the tree pose at the check-out counter?  (I've been known to do this from time to time ---- just with my legs, mind you, not the arms!)  Had I reached for the Frosted Flakes in triangle pose?  Executed a twist as I grabbed the shredded cheese?  I was pretty sure I hadn't. . .

In retrospect, I think she was just seeking out potential workshop participants, and introducing herself with a "you look like you do yoga" comment was probably a pretty effective method of opening up the conversation.  After all, I took the flier, I listened to her while she told me about the workshop.  I even considered signing up (because it looks like a great workshop).

But I'm going to be really careful next time I'm at the grocery store.  I wouldn't want to be caught in tree pose while I'm using the debit card machine. . .



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