The Joy In It

Photography 101

I've always liked to take photos, and I love my digital camera(s); I even think I have a fairly good sense of composition and balance in putting together a shot.  BUT I really don't know anything about the technical aspects of photography.  So I'm taking a photography class at the Kalamazoo Art Institute this summer.

Photog Class 060909 001

Being in a photography class allows you to Kinnear people . . . pretty much whenever you want!

Anyway, I struggle to understand the technical stuff.  Some of the others struggle to understand composition.  And it's always interesting to watch people react to critique!  (The class ranges from the "aw, shucks, it was nothin'" kind of photographer. . . to the incredibly defensive "artiste" kind of photographer!)

This week's assignment was to photograph one object from a variety of perspectives.  I chose a barn (which is, surprisingly, located in the middle of my very suburban neighborhood).

Barn june 18 015

I think it's an interesting subject.

Barn june 18 018

And the light was really nice.

Barn june 18 006

I was able to capture the barn from many different perspectives!

Barn june 18 010

But you never know what the instructor will think!  Last week I submitted this shot. . .

Summer Breeze 017

and he LOVED it!  He got a little flabbergasted, and exclaimed, "What IS that?"  Oh, just a little knitting project. . .

PS - Yesterday, in the comments to my Grandmother's birthday post, Lee asked to see my Grandmother's wedding photo.  Here it is:

G & G the early years 

But, as Grandma explained to us at her party, they didn't have a ceremony.  They were married in the middle of the Depression, and opted to use their money to establish a household, rather than spend it on a "frivolity."  So, no dress.  But the brooch is pretty cool!