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Gardening: The Untold Story

Having a blog means you can share lovely photos of your garden.

Garden June 10 09 012

But that, of course, is not the whole story!  Oh, no!  Gardening is a process. . . and sometimes it is not so lovely.  Sometimes it looks like THIS:

Garden Yuck and Deadheading 062409 005

Same peony bush.  Blooms are mummified from too much rain. . .

Or this:

Garden Yuck and Deadheading 062409 006

Where have all the roses gone?

Or this:

Garden Yuck and Deadheading 062409 008

My ligularia is suffering from my Pest of the Summer - the Fourlined Plant Bug (especially notorious when spring weather is wet and cool. . .). 

Pretty ugly stuff, huh?  Yesterday I spent the (very hot) afternoon in my garden.  Deadheading.  Spraying insecticidal soap.  Weeding.

Garden Yuck and Deadheading 062409 011

The payoff?  Healthy plants.  More blooms to come!

Garden Blooms June 24 007

Ahhhhh.  Much better!

PS -- Although you can buy insecticidal soap relatively cheaply at gardening stores, it's easy to mix your own -- especially if you are suffering a large infestation.  Just mix 1-2 Tablespoons of liquid SOAP (not detergent; I use Ivory) with 1 quart of water.  Then transfer this mixture to a clean spray bottle, and go to it!


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At least you know what to do to put the garden back into good shape. Can't wait to see the payoff!


Your peony is frustrating to lose such beautiful blooms to the rain. We've had the same thing in the northeast and my beautiful hanging begonia is just rotting off from the excess water. But I have every confidence you'll whip that garden back into shape!!

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