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Embroidering the R

When I was in treatment for lymphoma, my immediate goal was to reach remission (my ultimate goal is cure - but I have to get through this "limbo" period of remission first).  Although I didn't like chemo, I did like Taking Action.  I just wanted the cancer cells Out. Of. My. Body.  Mid-way through my treatment (so after 3 cycles of chemotherapy had been administered), I had a PET scan to monitor my progress and see how I was responding to the chemo.  I was thrilled to find out that, after only 3 treatments (with 3 more yet to go. . .) I was already in remission!  But -- my oncologist warned me "not to embroider the R" quite yet.  (She didn't want me to decide the treatments had worked so well that I should just forgo my remaining treatments.)  So after all six chemo cycles were complete, I had another PET scan --- and I got great news.  Complete remission.  No evidence of cancer cells in my body.  Now it was official.

My sister embroidered the R for me!

The R 001
My brother-in-law crafted the exquisite - and really tiny - puzzle box to hold the R!

My Mom and Dad gave me an R charm for my bracelet!

The R 016

My husband took me out for dinner!

And me?  I bought yarn!

Gytha in Progress

And celebrated by knitting myself a "grand prize" sweater!  This is Gytha from the Twist Collective.  Details, of course, are on my Ravelry page.

Gytha fini back

It's good to give yourself a treat when you reach a major milestone!


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denise copeland

WOW. I can think of many more letters that you or someone else should embroider that represent elements that you embraced along the way - here are just a few: c for courage, p for patience and perseverance, h for hope and s for stamina.

If you were so incined I would love to read about the books, thoughts, and people who provided inspiration to you along the way.

Namaste. (BTW, loved your yoga post)


Wow! That is a fantastic project and looks great on you! I just started the Vintage Cardigan after discovering it on your blog and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying knitting it! Thanks for sharing!


I agree with Denise above... There are so many more letters representing your story...I have to give you a capital A for amazing. Amazing strength, amazing courage, amazing perseverance...

I also give you an A for your Gytha sweater. I attended a Twist Collective traveling trunk show...I love this sweater. AMAZING YOU!


Oh this is very good news.....
I am so happy to read this.
Enjoy your Gytha (it looks great) and celebrate!

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