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This is Jenny:

More Jenny and the Chicken 008

We adopted Jenny from the local SPCA when she was 8 weeks old.  They told us her mother was a husky, but that she appeared to have black lab and shepherd in the mix.  Well. . . we don't see much husky in her at all, but she certainly has the black lab thing nailed down!  Jenny is now 2 years old, and like many labs, is still very much a puppy!  She is a delightful dog -- she is happy, energetic, curious, gentle, and loving.  She loves to play!

This is The Chicken:

Jenny & her chicken 001

This classic "rubber chicken" technically belongs to my 17-year-old son.  It is part of his Arsenal of Fun (right alongside the clacking teeth, the whoopee cushion, and the battery-operated fart machine).  If you look closely, you can see that The Chicken has been patched with yellow duct tape.  The poor thing has been part of many exploits. . .

Jenny enjoys a special love-hate relationship with The Chicken.  She is very curious about it.  She wants to love it.  Yet. . . it seems to be . . . ALIVE!  One slight nudge from Jenny sends The Chicken into squawks and twitches that, frankly, freak Jenny out!

Jenny & her chicken 009

When Jenny does just dive right in and play with The Chicken, it provides great entertainment for the whole family!  She sneaks up on it and pounces and "talks" endlessly to it.

Jenny & her chicken 007 

Eventually, though, Jenny WINS!  She overpowers The Chicken with her dog-ly prowess, streaking through the yard with her prize.

More Jenny and the Chicken 004 

This is Victorious Jenny with her now-subdued Prize Chicken:

Jenny & her chicken 002 

Until next time, oh Funky One!


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Beth P. in Maryland

Hi Kym,
Nice to meet you! The Rainey Sisters linked to you.
I don't know what your hair looked like before, but I think your new hair is beautiful!



I am a lurker on the rainey sisters website, your blog hit a cord with me. I am battling breast cancer now and a knitter. You are an inspiration!!! Thank you!!!


Hi Kym and welcome to blogville! I love your cardi and zoomed right over to babycocktails and not only ordered the pattern for myself but purchased the pattern for the golden vintage cardigan as well! Those styles are right up my alley and look like pieced I would actually wear again and again. It's great to meet you!


I am normally a lurker reading a lot of knitting blogs, but wanted to de-lurk to let you know that I have totally enjoyed reading your blog. I always admire your knitting on Ravelry and it has been great to get to know more about your other interests. I hope you continue blogging.....


Hi Kym,

I laughed out loud when I read about Jenny doin' the funky chicken. Jenny seems to be a wonderful friend. I can just imagine her reactions...Loved it!


Jenny's adorable (and beautiful)! The "talking" is a Husky thing - everything else - Labrador. Enjoyed your blog. (Got here from The Rainey Sisters too.)

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