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In May, everyone is a gardener. 

Garden June 17 09 009
At least, here in Michigan they are!  After a long, cold, rather colorless winter, none of us can resist the colors, the feel, the smell of real live plants.  The nurseries are packed with gardeners in May.  (It's almost as bad as the mall in December.)  We can't wait to plant some petunias and bring a little spring to our garden patches. 

Now, I'm right in there with everyone else, a garden junkie eager for my spring fix.  But I know that the best time to hit the nurseries is . . . about now.  Why?

Garden June 10 09 014

The sales!

Garden June 17 09 003

The coupons!

AND -- there are plenty of parking spaces and no crowds!  It's garden shopping heaven!

Hanging baskets for $5?  I cut the hangers off, and place them all around my garden for punches of color.  This year, I even created a "faux window box" with hanging baskets at my dining room window! 

June 10 09 Garden at Twilight 020

And with my "bonus bucks"?  Well, I stocked up on perennials.  And then spent yesterday afternoon planting.

Garden June 17 09 007

And what a perfect planting day!  Cool.  Overcast.  Misty rain.  Ideal weather for planting (or transplanting).

Garden June 17 09 010

I'm sure my neighbors get a chuckle out of me when I haul out my planting "equipment"!  Especially when I pull my compost around in a wagon. . . With all my wheeled garden vehicles, I have my own Dirt Convoy!

Garden June 17 09 018

But. . . things are looking pretty good! 

Garden June 17 09 004

I'm diggin' it!


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You have great photographs...I love the pictures of the flowers.

Kay - From the Back Yard

I love your little "window box!"


Sigh. Can't you come out and plant a garden for me?!

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